LOVE HOROSCOPE for the week of 16 — 22nd of April 2018

ЛЮБОВНЫЙ ГОРОСКОП на неделю с 16 — 22 апреля 2018 года

We present to your attention the LOVE HOROSCOPE for the week of 16 — 22 April 2018.

Listen to the advice of astrologers this spring to experience a truly beautiful feeling. Week falls under the auspices of the stable Taurus. This sign is Venus, and so is the perfect period for harmonization of relations, marriage and interesting acquaintances. Of the challenges — retrograde Saturn on April 18. And on Sunday this fate befall the planet Pluto. Not easy to do, but knowing the horoscope with 16 — April 22 for each sign of the zodiac, you can avoid unpleasant moments in a family and home. Moreover, the growing moon in the sign of cancer. To be home on a weekend will be especially nice. Add the sensuality of Venus and get a perfect picture of a weekend together.

Horoscope for ARIES

The relationship of this sign stabiliziruemost. If you are single, the chance to find love increase dramatically. Look at the environment. Venus in Taurus can “give” a person from the past that no relationship is finished. Aries and family can conflict at the money background. The sun in Aries wanes, it is better to stop the fuse and switch on the rest. The first three days of week will pass under the influence of the moon in Taurus. Your partner will note some greed on your part. Here, you can plug the jealousy. Their interests you slopes bring to the fore, and from this self-centeredness suffer near.

Horoscope for TAURUS

This sign is engaged in more self-education than the building of a harmonious Union. Stars are calling to raise his head and look at the dear people. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the weekend can be perfect for a love relationship. You will get support of strong moon in Taurus. You can not only engage in joint cases, but also to travel. Sunday you can have a family night to call relatives. Until Venus arrives in the sign of possession you flourish both internally and externally. Your good taste is visible to others. You can surprise your partner with affection, hugs and other sensual attributes. Mars and Venus on Monday mutually aspectibus. This will give you the opportunity to make a gift to your loved one, which he 100% appreciate.

Horoscope for GEMINI

On the love front the stillness and quiet. If you are in the novel, do not force the event. Drift can be nice. Retro Saturn will take energy, so get plenty of rest. You attract a bright, charismatic person. There is a chance to fall in love, but it will be a passing fad. Uranus is in restless Aries, myself you can forget. In any case, you will receive experience. And this value. Even though you like to chat. Gossiping about personal lives is not worth it. Especially dangerous Tuesday. This day is complicated for a family of twins. Hide thoroughly “Roman”. Secret relationship attractive to you. Just remove that temptation. April 21 — the critical day, when the showdown can occur especially rapidly.

Horoscope for CANCER

You have health problems, so love the theme of you a little worried. Although support will be provided is the closest people. Strong moon supports your sexy temperament. Use the time “wisely”. You attract the opposite sex. And if you have a loved one, it can seriously think about the wedding. Free cancers do not go on a date on Tuesday! Aspectize of the sun and moon invites you to a secular society. So lonely representatives of the sign can start Dating. But, prepare thoroughly — update your wardrobe, it is desirable that the clothes were of bright colors.

Horoscope for LEO

Despite employment, time for love you’ll find. Novels without continuing quite happy with single representatives of the fire sign. Enhanced Mars will attract an extraordinary and self-sufficient partners that will help implement the plans. Look at the environment, could a person have? The social status of the partner now plays a pivotal role. The lions want the best. Do not show personal life. The quieter it is, the better one gets. From April 17 to postpone joint trips to the shops — it increases the risk of quarrel, before reaching the cash register.

Horoscope for VIRGO

In this period there is a craving for bad habits. Despite the strong status of the moon, the Saturn’s control is weakening. This factor will bring discord into the family lives of virgins. Lonely representatives sign up in the virtual network. Therefore, the novel is possible. There is a risk to renew your former relations. You are skilled at making plans, but don’t forget to devote in them in the second half. At the end of the week you can go abroad and spend time with a romantic slant. That is an affair with a foreigner! Why not?

Horoscope for Libra

The sun is weakening, need to get out of the cocoon. Flirt, romance and Dating will be flowing. Possible meeting with the second half! If you are located. Family and Libras should beware. Saturn started the retro movement, and you will look at problems objectively wrong. It will be okay. Questions of a material nature will come to the fore. A relationship of convenience, as you seriously think. Keep the outgoing tail of Venus. The planet remains in Taurus. And so strong and gives good luck. Be careful on Tuesday and Thursday are the peak of aggression. It is possible to commit follies and to leave. Libra love freedom, but be free and in a relationship. The end of the week ideal for sensual intimacy. Single Libra come out of the house on the 18th, and the acquaintance will be very original!

Horoscope for SCORPIO

You have a love crisis. It is possible to smooth communication. Be interested in business to the second half. To know what is the mood of the beloved is important. This will strengthen the Union. Mars in Capricorn supports your determination, obstinacy. The stars advise you not to ruin what I had built. But if you decide to delete the past, the end of the month will give an interesting introduction. Retrograde Jupiter now passes through your sign. We can hope for a revival of the senses. Look to partner with different eyes. The weekend is a great time to understand themselves and emotions.

Horoscope for SAGITTARIUS

Communication with people a little difficult. A chance to tie a new acquaintance. It can wait for you in the journey. The stars advise you to pack your bags. Venus is going to ground you, make a hostage of his own promises. Therefore, a partner can take offense. You can lead the relationship through empathy and understanding — a lot of talk here is not necessary. The new MOON affects you specifically. You can go into the abyss of passionate adventures. But the family archers will not be able to enjoy Eros.

Horoscope for CAPRICORN

Strong the moon will not give disappointed. Until April 18, to better define the plans for my life. Saturn will begin to move backward. You will become more sentimental, and there will be problems in the love area. You might want to try something forbidden. You are on the limit and want the heat of the second half.

Not surprisingly, the initiator of the fights are you. Although such a “seasoning” for the Union, will breathe new passion. A loving relationship will come to the fore since Friday. And on Tuesday you will doubt whether to arrange a romantic soul mate or not. Single Capricorns look at the man of high status.

Horoscope for AQUARIUS

With 18 numbers there will be a period of stagnation in the relationship. Blame retrograde Saturn. It will cool the sexual appetite. You will want to do alone. And you don’t have to climb. It will be perfect. Week is pretty sad. Personal initiative you want to exercise. Apathy is one word. Conflicts in relationships will increase. The stars advise you to listen to the partner, he says the right things. Wednesday and Friday you will stay out of the house. And your parents can make a “bride”.

Horoscope for PISCES

16 — 18 number of energy will be very powerful. It will take a strong that of Aries moon. To spoil a picture of mercury in Aries. It can provoke conflicts. Your attention will try to take a mental nature. And here you are (thanks to the sun in Aries and mercury) want ambiguity and passion. For anything less than dizzying novel, don’t you agree. Go on a date at the end of the week. Mercantile notes better to remove. You will love the partner the ability to defend their position (thank you Pluto retro).

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