Love, women’s secrets, which hold different signs of the Zodiac

Любовные женские секреты, которые хранят разные знаки Зодиака

Astrologers often say that compatibility Zodiac signs does not guarantee a perfect Union. The real horoscope of a person involves many aspects. Therefore the seemingly two incompatible sign live in perfect harmony, and the “perfect couple” breaks up after a week.

Perhaps when we love, we are not interested in someone’s opinion about the match. But to learn the secrets of a loved one can’t wait. And so men and women rush to just search zodiac horoscope.


The love of a woman-Aries is ardent. No tones — it’s all real. When they are in love, the feelings they always come first. They are willing to devote the whole of his life.

Women born under this fire sign, relationships develop by becoming their element. But the tumultuous relationship is only possible with your loved ones. Freedom-loving Aries agree only on the best option. If not, they will prefer to enjoy the single voyage.

Rams take responsibility for themselves, but they like strong partners. They are looking for someone who will not encroach on their freedom, but this will not be “plasticine”. This here is a contradiction. In addition, Aries can sometimes become hostages of their own pride, wild with jealousy and stubbornness. It can even lead to aggression. But we all know that the Rams are incorrigible optimists. And storm is always followed by Sunny weather.

Aries woman loves when she admired. A good compliment can lift spirits for a whole week! Aries want to be loved and proud of them that they are ready to move mountains, if only to hear: “you’re the best!”

Representatives of this sign are very enterprising. Work, work and work again! They just need to prove themselves in the professional field. And some even prefer family chores work. But passionate and loyal Rams don’t leave loved ones in a critical situation.


Calves balanced and tuned realistic. They tend not to show strong emotions. So your compliment intended for another woman, will not cause scandal. But this, of course, provided that she is confident in your love. Otherwise you risk to know the power of anger. And the people of this sign are rare, but truly devastating.

About elegance Women-Taurus is legendary. They know how to show femininity! The Bulls love it when clothes on the body a bit. They are able to focus on color, because in the soul of every representative of this sign is a bit of a stylist. They enjoy life in its different manifestations. Good clothes, fine drinks, delicious food, beautiful artwork and only the best music!

Those who are in love with Taurus and appreciate their tenderness and devotion, but it is important not to give development in their pessimistic sentiments. Not worth it to them to swear, otherwise you will experience their “heavy” weapons, the indifference and coldness.

The bulls are skeptical about fantasies. To the materialists dream you need to see and “touch”. They are not inclined to risk, but if they came to the conclusion that it worthwhile, may even go on a distant expedition.

A beautiful and strong woman-Taurus in a difficult moment will not complain and nag your man. No fuss and panic, they will find the work themselves.


Gemini kaleidoscope, Seating several persons. Therefore, to build a relationship with them is quite difficult. And if one “person” you agree, then the second tomorrow just decide not to go on a date with you.

The twins believe that life is a big experiment. With them you will forget about the routine! They instantly fall in love and quickly cooled. However, they tend to doubt. A woman will win the man who will convince her that he is the best.

For the Twins sex and love — equal concept. Creativity and unpredictability in this area, people of this sign are truly endless. Temperament like the wind, walk near the sea. They are affectionate, full of stormy gusts. And no need to spend time understanding their logic — better surrender to love.

Those who have lived for some time with the Twins, learned to accept their ambivalence, which manifests itself in relationships and in everyday life. Today, they are charming and cheerful, and tomorrow cutting and unbearable. But for the sake of the woman you-the Twins are ready to go even at the end of the world, dividing equally all the burdens and joy.

And never forget to come up with beautiful compliments, if you want your “chameleon” was in a festive mood.


Cancer woman is the apogee of romance and comfort to a loved one. Kisses and hugs, hugs and kisses… And borscht, cutlets, cookies and kind words of support in difficult times.

They also expect comprehensive care. Although talking about it is not in a hurry. However, it is not necessary to wait for their critics, because she is very hurt. But if you earned the love and deep trust of Cancers in their heart will generate a stream of feelings, which is enough for ten.

In the person of Cancers are traced, as they say, two sides of the moon. In the morning you can see them soft and delicate. And returning in the evening, suddenly catch a strong and passionate nature. If there’s a reason, in this mood Cancers can ask you “the fifth number”. But then they will blame themselves that hurt you with their words.

Women-Cancers can keep a secret. A pleasure to share life stories. But do not forget that they are very jealous. It’s the owners! And on the day of your betrayal, love instantly turned into a deep hatred. If the Cancer has ceased to trust you, you can forget about bright and gentle tale of love.

Women-Cancers — these Amazons who are not afraid of tests. But don’t forget they have moments of weakness when they need support. And from love they are so good that men are starting to think with them — the goddess!


Female Lions are precious creatures that need love and respect. But if you can’t handle a charismatic personality, then don’t even try. Representatives of this sign love to spend time surrounded by friends. Be prepared for the fact that your Lioness already had a relationship and do not attempt to install over it “care.”

Lions just physically do not tolerate outside control in any form. And the attention of the opposite sex is taken as something for granted. If you say — she will notice it. You should believe in yourself, because such a person the Lioness will love passionately and sincerely.

Leos can be generous and understanding. But they are abhorrent manifestation of love in “automatic” mode. They appreciate the informed compliments, and not boring speech. Lions don’t like clichés and templates. You want to win the heart of the Queen? Then learn to approach everything creatively!

Lionesses are not selfish, they are not cold but also not looking for attention. These exacting women know that they deserve the best. They like to spend money on jewelry and clothing. Give them that opportunity. A taste of the many lions is just great!

Women of this sign know how to show good manners, but it has nothing to do with humility. You tease — “growl” and “claws” you can not escape. At the same time you need at certain moments to be able to dominate her.

Prove that you can rely on. But if you are a good lover, a Lioness will not be able to resist. After all, sex for her is the culmination of love. Someone you may will seem like snobs, but with each other you will laugh a lot, plan travel, and love, and to love each other at night!

Ambitious and self-confident Lioness radiate magnetism. Jealousy they consider a waste of time. But for the sake of a loved one is able to go to great lengths to save him.


A Virgo woman can give up everything for serious feelings. However, she may not pay attention to the view outside. It is important to be honest in the first place in front of him.

A woman is virgin or searching, or happily in love. At home, they — especially the materialists, but in a relationship is “the last romance”. Their refined taste is evident in everything: in clothes, in decoration, serving dishes. They are true perfectionists.

Virgo is so caring! You can rely on them in all spheres. They will not rest until everything is settled. Virgo hate criticism. . Tell me tactfully eye to eye to save the relationship. Virgo suffer most from the awareness of imperfection. They rarely show vulnerability to people. But at some point they can just leave.

Representatives of this sign are quite strong, they are guided by logic. But among them there are the dreamers. Although they avoid drama and conflicts. The unpredictability scares them. Give to the virgin harmony and confidence in the future. But too stormy passions should be avoided. Women born under this sign appreciate the tender love.

Love charming Maidens surprisingly manifested in the details. And if the relationship is trusting, the maiden will become the best wife for a man who will appreciate her beauty, intelligence and practicality.


The woman-Libra is the sea of charm! They are like little lights that will illuminate your day and night.

Kind, diplomatic, a bit stubborn and indecisive. As they are feminine! But you can see them effortlessly if necessary, perform a man’s job.

The female Libra will appear on the street only in a tidy manner. These smart ladies know that everything matters. They know how to analyze and I love to talk to different people. Even sullen undecideds react to them and begin to participate in the conversation. And the purpose of the Scales of universal harmony. They immediately figure out who violates it.

Female Libras need to know that you are in need of her thoughts and tips on any occasion. If you can hold her when she wants to move, starting a new business or change the circle. Libra is fond of company, dancing and fun, but know how to control myself.

With all the charm of the representatives of this sign can be quite powerful. They are quietly but very confidently will drive you to your opinion. But when making decisions they will take into account both the mind and the senses. Because for them, balance is so important!

Libra most appreciate the beauty, purity and sincerity! And will look for it in your chosen. Beautiful women-Weights weak point is indecision. They often postpone making difficult decisions. They need help!


Women-Scorpions — mysterious and beautiful. To succumb to the charms them easily, but solving them is not given to everyone.

Men are like moths circling around these captivating ladies. But you will not attract its banal compliments. That she cares about you, can tell her a piercing look.

The Scorpions are proud of their strength and talents, which they fully endowed by nature. But if at some point they show you the quiet ones is an illusion. They are very emotional, just the volcano is always erupting.

Women-Scorpions — Queen and goddess, gorgeous wife or girlfriend! They love and hate to end. No tones! If you have touched the depths of the heart of Scorpio, forget about your love. All or nothing — no options!

Scorpios are jealous. However, they are not going to hide it. They should have the last word, they are right, etc. If this woman is offended, you are expected to test. But trying to dominate, they are ready to forgive your loved ones for any transgressions.

All Scorpios are loyal, faithful and true in love and in friendship. They bring joy and passion to your loved ones. Women value in men force, determination and desire to win. Other women Scorpions are not considered rivals, because they believe in magnetism.

Scorpions often called fatal choices of the heart. But in the case of happy love about the best you will not be able to dream!


Women Archers — unique, sincere and direct. Their revelations sometimes lead to a dead end. But as Archers are able to inspire in difficult times!

Sagittarians are Frank, so you do not need to impersonate someone who you aren’t. They are independent, and any tampering, including hypnosis and office communication, with them will not pass. They despise the “snobs”. The love of liberty is often the cause of their loneliness.

But if a woman-Sagittarius found “their man”, he will find the reliable companion for life. It will always be on your side, even if you turn away from all family and friends.

Women Archers — imposing and self-confident women who know all the secrets of style. They are generous and patient, but in anger it is better not to see. In love they are very romantic. Representatives of this sign can remember your first glance, first touch, the song that was playing during the kiss… But it was their secret. If they broke up with her beloved, that his whole appearance will show that everything is in order. And you will not be able to understand how broken their heart.

These extraordinary women are always young at heart and age is irrelevant. They are very passionate in love, witty, and not afraid to open up about his feelings. Perhaps such sweet kisses you’ve ever been to… This love will blow you away!


The woman-Capricorn is planning his life and is not afraid of difficulties. They’re attracted to success. To him they are making his career. If you’re interested in, they can give good advice.

These taciturn people don’t give up. They are impossible to break, Capricorns go ahead and remember all your achievements. Their ambitions are justified, they know that they can do it.

Long negotiations — not their element. Or make it a good offer or not take the head. But they know how to dialogue and to argue. And romantic words for these lady will not be a Declaration of love, and the phrase: “ You are the most intelligent and practical woman in the world!”

These women know how to create the perfect image, to create a cozy and beautiful interior, to choose the best decoration. They love interesting relaxing and melodic music, and buddy they do not need much. Just one, but the best.

Support Capricorns need, although they don’t show it to you. But when you start to praise them more often, you will see how changing woman. Her soul just sings in such moments.

If someone thought that Capricorns unknown tenderness and passion, it is an absolute fallacy. For removing the mask of restraint you will find an unusually passionate lover and caring life partner. And you will realize that the best partner for a happy, long life simply does not exist!


Aquarius — the amorous and independent. Representatives of this sign involve experiments. They need new horizons, they are able to expand their horizons.

Don’t forget that under this sign was born the greatest number of people who changed the world. If they take away freedom, their inner light extinguished.

These sincere and passionate people will not tolerate injustice. They are essentially kind and calm, but love to challenge public opinion. They attract unusual people and events.

Aquarius woman will instantly delve into the essence of your words, and you find that she’s not with you. But it only says that it is all clear and she was bored. People of this sign do not like to stand still.

Affair with an Aquarius will change your life forever. These people — and logic, and romantics, and pragmatists, and idealists. But they don’t like it when someone needlessly exaggerates and dramatizes, as they say, out of the blue.

Women Aquarians like the honeymoon period, but if the relationship is deadlocked, it will quietly disappear from your life. Aquarians are individualists, but their social circle is very wide.

You like mystery and at the same time the openness of this incredible woman, just give her love. And your life will seem endless and wonderful journey!


Pisces women are incredibly feminine, charming and sensitive. They love when their partner surrounds them with care, says compliments, even the most common. Because, most importantly, sincerity.

You will communicate with them on the first date, and you will feel that you know them your whole life. They are so loving and sensitive. They will not touch you with words. They know how it is.

You were born at dawn the phrase, “I love you” is the best start to the day for them. No amount of diamonds will not replace them with the joy of true feelings.

Female Fish are diplomatically and naturally behave in unfamiliar company. But if someone decides to hurt the Fish, he’ll make a mistake. These astute people have noticed your weaknesses, so find a way to adequately respond.

Pisces are fond of comfort and pleasure. Not to say that they seek to amass wealth, but beautiful things and sensual pleasures they inspire. They live in anxiety about tomorrow. They care more about “now”. And then… then everything will be fine!

All Fish from time to time you want privacy. In his wonderful world, they will be purified from stress and anxiety. But the vulnerability they show only the closest people and the outer world, they behave confidently and independently. And bring Fish or disrupt their interests should not that they will not forgive.

Fish are sensitive and resilient, but their heart is simply not open. If you managed, then fate will give you the most desired and faithful wife!

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