Lower balance sheet daily in the United States in nearly three weeks

Plus bas bilan journalier aux États-Unis en près de trois semaines

With 1258 deaths to the novel coronavirus in 24 hours, the United States recorded Friday their balance sheets daily, the lowest in nearly three weeks, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

These new deaths reported between 20: 30 and Friday and the day before at the same time, relate to 51 017 the total number of deaths linked to the disease in the United States, by far the most mournful in absolute value, according the results official.

This drop point is not meant as much for the moment, no trend, and will have to be repeated in the coming days to confirm a true improvement of the situation in the country. And such a balance sheet daily, however, remains much higher than those reported by the other countries of the world.

The previous balance over 24 hours less than Friday, dated April 6, with 1150 dead déplorées.

On Thursday, the United States had instead recorded one of their most heavy balance sheets daily, with over 3170 dead in a day.

America also has the largest number of officially reported cases, with over 890 000 cases diagnosed since the beginning of the pandemic. Approximately 96 000 people are declared cured.

This impressive number of contaminations detected by comparison with other countries can be explained according to the us government, in particular by the large number of tests performed. “A month ago (…) 80 000 Americans had been tested. But since this morning they are 5.1 million”, said the vice-chairman Mike Pence during the daily press conference of the crisis unit of the White House on the Covid-19.

Some u.s. States have already begun to embark on the path of the déconfinement. Friday, some stores non-essential and re-opened in Georgia, authorized by the governor.

“Half of all Americans live in States that have now taken certain steps to open their economy,” said Friday Donald Trump, who had made the good health of the american economy, his main argument of campaign for his re-election, before that it was hit hard by the crisis.

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