Luc Lavoie to return to “The Joust”

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The political analyst Luc Lavoie was reinstated Thursday afternoon the team of the show “The Game”.

Suspended for blagué live broadcast of The Game on a ” hunting separatists “, the political analyst Luc Lavoie was reinstated Thursday afternoon the team of the program broadcast on LCN.


“I’ll be back to The Game […] I will be very happy to find you,” announced Mr. Lavoie on his page Facebook.


On Tuesday, the Sûreté du Québec has indicated that after an analysis of the statements and after having met Mr. Lavoie, there was no reasonable grounds to believe that a criminal offence has been committed.


The directorate of VAT, which had qualified the words of his analyst ” unacceptable “, had then said that she was going to meet with Mr. Lavoie.


The commentator had been removed from the airwaves after controversial comments during the issuance of policy analysis, 4 October. It was then a question of a debate in the national Assembly on the possibility of chasing squirrels. Mr. Lavoie said that” we could take our guns as Americans, and we tire of the squirrels “, before continuing by saying : “In fact, I would have liked to be able to hunt down the separatists, but it seems that it is not possible ! “.


While the host of the show, Paul Larocque, brought him back to the order by telling him not to joke about it, Mr. Lavoie had burst out laughing.


His statement was quickly triggered an outcry on the social networks, so that the political analyst had apologized on his page Facebook that same evening.

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