Lucas: Killers Sheremet, the interior Ministry knew for a long time

Лукаш: Убийц Шеремета в МВД знали давно

© Facebook/Elena Lukash, the Former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash believes that the leadership of the interior Ministry waiting for a convenient in political terms, the moment of the announcement of the results of the investigation on the murder of Pavel Sheremet.With respect and gratitude by treating labor MVS (interior Ministry — ed.) to investigate the case Sheremeta, I would like to note that the murderers they knew long ago.

FB-page Cougars (Grishchenko) reports about the death of Ivan Vakulenko (alias “Gun”) back in October.So, records of interviews with Ivan “Gun” was.

So MVS waited need a politically advantageous moment to tell us the truth.

While this could help to escape the accomplices in the murder.

And this is the fly in the ointment. Political and opportunistic. From Avakov.

Sorry if I spoiled the overall impression of the work.

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