Lukashenka has appointed new managers

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Republic of Belarus


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has appointed heads of district administrations and large enterprises, according to “WORLD 24”. New managers it is aimed at search of new markets.

“In our traditional markets, you see, it is very difficult to work today. Moreover, Russia itself thus leads, incomprehensible. Even the plans we have developed with them – balances the supply of milk, meat, and we don’t execute because the market was closed. This is not the case, when we agree on the amount, how much will supply to the Russian market, and we can’t deliver it due to braking. This is a serious issue. We need to discuss seriously at a high level, the government level on this issue”, – said Lukashenko.

The President asked manufacturers not to pursue the increase of production volumes of meat and milk, because they are not so easy today to sell abroad.