Lukashenko said the growth of military activity of NATO’s borders

Лукашенко заявил о росте военной активности НАТО на границах

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday at a meeting of the security Council stated that, despite the rising military power of other countries, his government adheres to the policy of peace and is a donor of security in the region. About it reports the official site of the President of Belarus.Lukashenko noted that due to the ongoing confrontation between the “centers of power” – US, EU, China, Russia, intensified the arms race.”On both sides from Belarus increased military power. The desire to present Russia as the main threat to the West became the dominant policy of the Alliance”, – said Lukashenko.According to him, under the pretext that in neighbouring European countries is expanding the presence of NATO troops, increasing military activity. Russia, in turn, also vigorously develop weapons, demonstrating increased combat capabilities.Lukashenko is convinced that the changes in global and regional security will determine the further development of the armed forces.Belarus is firmly committed to a peaceful policy, maintains the status of the donor of security in the region, according to the website.Their main priorities, Lukashenko said the development of the country’s own security, as well as the continuation of military cooperation with friendly countries, in particular, on the CIS platform.”The Belarusian army will never threatened, not threatened and to threaten is not going to. It is a tool to prevent war, and in the case of aggression must be able not only to reflect but also to inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy. The main purpose of Armed Forces is to defend sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the country”, – said Lukashenko.Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the talks between Putin and Lukashenko in Sochi lasted five and a half hours.

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