Lutsenko voiced “false” Jovanovic before Congress

Луценко озвучил "ложь" Йованович перед Конгрессом

Photo: Lutsenko revealed the essence of the dispute with Jovanovic

Ex-Prosecutor allegedly wanted to meet with his us counterpart on the case of the “billions of Yanukovych,” but found no support at the U.S. Embassy.

Former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in interview up told me about “lying” former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, during a speech in Congress on the matter of impeachment of the President of Donald trump.
Lutsenko said that he spoke to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine with a request to arrange a meeting with us attorney General that he wished to discuss the repayment of $ 7 billion, which, according to the former head of the GPU, the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych brought from Ukraine to the United States.

“In the testimony of Marie L. Yovanovitch to Congress is an outright lie. She says I wanted to meet him, but refused to provide documents about what I want to discuss in the United States,” – said Lutsenko.

Ex-attorney General showed the journalist a letter dated October 28, 2017.

“And Marie Yovanovitch told a lie to Congress when he said that I provided no information and I would like to meet with the attorney General of the United States… I wanted to secure the return to Ukraine of $ 7 billion. Unfortunately, I have not found support neither at the Central enforcement system of the United States, nor in the Embassy,” says Lutsenko.
He noted that he did not know why Jovanovic can speak the truth about him and his “very surprising, as they are freely traded in his testimony before Congress.”

we will remind, during performance in the Congress Jovanovic said that in Ukraine in a targeted campaign against her, participated Lutsenko and his predecessor, Viktor Shokin.

According to Jovanovic, President Vladimir Zelensky said that after the election most likely will replace him – because Lutsenko had a reputation as a corrupt official.

In a speech Jovanovic denied the allegations Lutsenko that she allegedly gave instructions not to pursue some people. “The accusation that I distributed a list of those who can be prosecuted, was fiction. Lutsenko, a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who put forward this claim, had recognized that the list did not exist,” said ex-Ambassador.

After the speech Lutsenko said that Jovanovic lied and he has proof.

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