Luxurious Land Rover Defender 130 will compete with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

 Роскошный Land Rover Defender 130 станет конкурентом Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Land Rover did not stop after opening a new Defender, as in the coming years, the three-door 90 and five-door 110-I model will be combined with larger eight-person 130-m option.

The new SUV should be submitted in the second half of next year before its launch in 2021.

So, Land Rover Defender 130 will have a wheelbase length of just over three meters, which means an expensive extension of the platform is not required.

Instead, Land Rover is configured to strengthen the rear overhang of the car, so it can accommodate up to eight places. Its length is about 5.1 meters, which is 342 mm longer than the version of the 110 and about 50 mm less than the BMW X7.

Land Rover has not yet officially confirmed the existence of a 130, but it is described as “outstanding researcher”, and is intended for large, active families who love to travel.

 Роскошный Land Rover Defender 130 станет конкурентом Mercedes-Benz G-Class

130 will have the most expensive price tag in the lineup and will compete with the German Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Thus, the brand plans to increase sales in China and the U.S., where large SUVs are much more popular than in Europe.

Models with ultra-high technical specifications are being developed by the Department for the operation of special vehicles Land Rover, probably due to inspiration from various high-end offices the Range Rover. This would allow Land Rover to capitalize on the global popularity of powerful, expensive 4×4 vehicles, supported by the latest Mercedes-AMG G63.

While other variants of the Defender will appear, it is now clear that the rumor is the model of the truck was removed from the product plan.

It is believed that the company’s executives are unable to make the costs of developing a viable pickup, and they believe that the standard 110 and 130 subsequent offer enough versatility, the cargo area without having to remove the roof and expose the compartment for items.

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