Luxury sports car Aston Martin DP215 auctioned in 20-25 million dollars

Роскошный спорткар Aston Martin DP215 выставят на торги за 20-25 млн долларов

RM trading house Sotheby’s announced intention to sell the exclusive Aston Martin DP215, who took part in the race Le MA.

DP215 “born” at the request of John Wyer. The car was developed in just two months before the start of the “24 hours of Le Mans” in 1963.

The vehicle is designed based on a DB4GT chassis with independent rear suspension, the composition of the body consists of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Under the hood is a 4-liter motor returns 327 horsepower. This is a good performance even by today’s standards.

The device broke the record, managing to gain speed on the Mulsanne straight up to 300 km/h. In those years it was not similar to racing cars. However breakdowns could not be avoided. Transmission passed only two hours into the race. After repair car was involved in another competition in 1963.

Then the car survived the accident in 1966. Racing lost the engine and gearbox. In this state, he fell into the hands of a private collector.

In 1976, his new owner wanted to rebuild transmission. Worked the company’s specialists R. S. Williams and Crosthwaite & Gardiner. After some time even managed to find the original engine, which half a century stood on DP214.

According to preliminary data, the Aston Martin DP215 auctioned for space money — 20-25 million dollars.

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