“Lviv Beau Monde”

«Львовский бомонд»

This video on “YouTube” (that is, in the galichanskogo, to say you need to say) should be replicated and promoted in the framework of the campaign “one country”. Rarely in one place to collect such a luxury quintessence “of prohibitsthe”. Concentration exceeds the limit, and therefore, “a dialogue between two patriots” should be viewed as an educational film.I recall the story of this masterpiece galichanskogo mentality. President Zelensky came to Golden, where he met with local residents and representatives of the “veterans” of the “National corpus”, which inhibit the disengagement. With the latter he had an emotional dialogue, which was uttered winged words: “am I the sucker? I’m 42 year”. For me the visit of the commander-in-chief was not impressed, as to go there to persuade not to interfere with the disengagement – it is clear Kafka. However, “porkopolis” his appearance in the Gold made a strong impression. Two TP Mature age – the MP from the “European solidarity” Sofia Fedina and some unkempt creature, with obvious signs of alcoholic degeneration of the face, represented as Marusya St. John’s Wort, recorded a forty-minute video, addressed personally to Zelensky.

The entry was, of course, in “Lviv Kavarna” under the noise of the grinder. Not lazy and deciphered the most striking messages of TP with the name “Deerslayer.” I never thought that Fenimore Cooper could have foreseen the emergence of such representatives of the “Lviv Beau Monde”. They position themselves.

“I don’t want to swear because I am a normal, civilized people,” Mary immediately asks himself the moral high ground. Which immediately shoots down because she is overwhelmed by mental emotions. She and her friend with the Deputy Mandate, is also a spokeswoman for the “civilized elite” (sometimes even uncivilized), encountered a “Gopnik, which at each step calls himself the President of this country and considers himself immortal.” This is the first threat of physical elimination in the address Zelensky. The soft. Almost veiled.Then Marusya slightly confusing categories. In the first lines of his message, it has positioned itself as the “Beau Monde”. Favourites of the aristocratic society. The “cream”. Yes, the scoreboard let us down, but in the end, the aristocrats also thumps. And even widening. They have the morning to enjoy a Cup of coffee, take a glass of champagne to polynytsya booze and an eight ball track or two for sharpness “prohibitsthe of perception”. But then Mary gets off and says she is “hooligans”. Nothing against this position don’t have: “for each such gopotu are such chavs as I do, which maybe you to say”. A clear analogy with the well-known in local elite by saying “by the way…Poo there is a bolt with left-hand thread”. It is also possible that we are not talking about anal.

And here Marusya incurred in the style of the homeboys. It is very organic for her communication style: “I’ve Come this bum-boy, and began boldly to communicate with the volunteers… I can say, Vova, if you poke, then you stick to whole country. Get ready. I urge do not apply to “You” to this NIT Pro-Moscow. It does not know whom it was talking. Four objector talks to people, who from the first days of the war protect Ukraine”. It is necessary to digress. In the aristocratic elite’s spinning, Maroussia and her constantly showing manicure the girlfriend of a fraction is called unpleasant subjects in the neuter. As it further humiliates the target. Any rural aristocrat of Zazhopinsk confirm the validity of this philological digression. The word Marusya: “It is unable to understand the meaning of commander in chief. He does not go to the villages and asked people’s opinions, drugged Moscow propaganda.” It is, incidentally, a common argument from “porkopolis”. For them, all who live in the “occupied territories” and not looking “5th anal” – brainwashed zombies. It is necessary in that case to do? Marussia believes that it is necessary to do the following: “You, rot green, first information and work with the people who live there, explain what is going on in the country, make it so that there is a Ukrainian channels was normal”. As you have seen, “green rot” is, of course, the President of Ukraine Zelensky. In this case, his reproach in lack of active propaganda work with the population, which is subjected to hostile propaganda. But Mary sees the root, because alcohol gives wonderful ease her aristocratic language, “However, sorry, bitch, you will not be able to do so. And you know why? Because you, faggot, I don’t know because you have the brains processed Russian propaganda because you grew up in the scoop and the scoop is left, because you’re f – – – ing became President, bitch, because you botafirm Russian did to them.”

How can we understand the police failed to keep his word not to swear. I’m overwhelmed with emotions right frontal lobe of her hair. Head is difficult to name. A generous portion of aristocratic obscenities and insults ends with threats of physical destruction Zelensky.”St. John’s wort” brings it under a solid theoretical basis for approving “gugugaga” girlfriend: “you Know, what is the main difference between you and Poroshenko? Because Poroshenko those who love him wanted to put him in prison, and you fucking wish you were dead, and just discuss ways to make it better (implement): it may be better to hang or to shoot or grenade somewhere near exploding. You know, scum, that there (into Gold) people are shell-shocked in the war? They will undermine you there, I promise. Somebody out there will undermine. And you’re there often appear. You, bitch, do not kill in the toilet”.

Of course, the greatest dissonance is not even a Mat, and the citation of the President “aggressive country.” It might have to do with metabolism. Something hormonal. I do not know. But I know one thing: Marusia and Sofia demonstrated that such “hate speech”. The national Council on television and radio broadcasting has repeatedly accused the TV channel “112” and “Newsvan” in use “hate speech”. However, it was difficult to give specific examples. So here they are! More precisely, he. One. But will probably be a sequel.

The representatives of the “elite” feeling dry and comfortable. They don’t even fear that actually said to myself about five years to seven. They best know how to govern.

When I hear these monologues, always fall into a stupor. From impotence. Everything is so stupid that even no need to explain anything. It really takes someone? Yes. So. About the habitat of such “elite”, I think, to say no.

And what will take in response, “bitch, NIT and the green scoop”? Of course, his spin doctors will advise you not to respond directly to such roller. And they are right. Yeah, can’t do that. In this way, the calculation. Another thing is that the answer should be. Or in relation to “mental leader” of similar “elite”, or about Marousi with Sophia. The girls themselves raise period. With video recording. If any step is not done, the conclusions are obvious. 73 percent are in mental bondage to these “elite”.
Alexander Zubchenko

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