“Lvivska workshop of chocolate” has accused the company of Russia’s plagiarism

Moscow chocolate factory uses the logo of Lviv’s coffee-house Khudo.

«Львівська майстерня шоколаду» обвинила компанию из России в плагиате‍

It is reported Liga.net.

The owner of “Lviv chocolate workshop” wants to sue the Moscow chocolate factory because they use a rip-off of the company logo.

Khudo has posted on his page in Facebook post that the Russian competitor has copied the logo “Lviv chocolate workshop” and uses it on their website.

According to the cafe owner to sue competitors it is going certainly not in Russia.

“We need to examine the issue in more detail. Standing to sue where there is an international right, and the solution can be implemented. Intellectual property we have patented,” – said Bad.

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