Lyft arrives in Toronto

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The company has raised recently a billion dollars from a group of investors led by the investment fund of the Alphabet.

Toronto — The transportation service Lyft plans to make its first foray outside of the United States, in transporting passengers to Toronto.


The great rival Uber began Monday to recruit drivers in the canadian metropolis ; his service should be offered to clients in Toronto starting next month – ” in time for the Holidays “, hopefully.


Lyft, based in San Francisco, argues that around 50,000 people in the Toronto area have already downloaded its app. When it will launch its service in Toronto, she hopes to have enough drivers to meet the demands of commuting in two or three minutes, as it does in american cities.


The boss of Lyft, Logan Green, indicates that Toronto is only the beginning of the international expansion of the company, but he did not want to reveal more details. Uber has 40 million customers around the world ; Lyft refuses to disclose the number of its customers, but contends that it carries one million people per day in the United States.


Slowly but surely


The company rose logo was lifted recently for a billion dollars from a group of investors led by the investment fund of the Alphabet (Google it). Lyft, valued now at $ 11 billion, continuing its expansion rather quietly, unlike the leader of the sector, Uber, who may pay regularly in the news : financial losses, allegations of sexual harassment, criminal investigations (suspicions of corruption, theft of technology, use of spy software…), conflicts with the authorities of several countries…


Lyft is so brings to Toronto a few years after the arrival of the controversial Uber. Despite the frustration of the taxi drivers, the city council adopted last year’s rules to allow this type of service in the city, while framing these activities.


Uber has experienced the same difficulties on his arrival in Quebec. Last September, the liberal government of Philippe Couillard has announced the extension of the pilot project for one more year. But it also added new clauses to the draft agreement, including a mandatory training of 35 hours for the drivers, verification of their antecedents from police services and the annual inspection of vehicles.


Uber argues that the training of 35 hours goes against the grain of its business model, which relies on a workforce that is part-time and occasional. Gold, Uber deplores the fact that the concerned citizens will not be able to do the test on the job extra without the need to take the prior mandatory training.


Uber is also experiencing problems implementing it elsewhere in the world. In London, the labour Court ruled last week that Uber should pay its drivers minimum wage and provide paid sick leave. The City has also threatened the u.s. company to withdraw its license.


Taxify also


The pressures of competition do not stop there. The Duty stated last week that Taxify wanted to establish themselves in Montreal. The young company Estonian wants to stand out by leaving more money in the pockets of the drivers. The company Taxify has recently published a job offer for a position of director of operations in Montreal.


The spokesperson of the company, Marilin Noorem, is not able to indicate at what time the transport service could be offered in the quebec metropolis, but it indicates that after the planned launch in Toronto by the end of the year, Montreal and Calgary will be in the line-of-sight, could be read in the edition of November 8.


Since its foundation in 2013, Taxify put on the same business model as Uber : users who order races with the help of a mobile application and drivers who use their personal vehicle to transport them. The company says, however, distinguish itself from Uber by limiting to about 15% of the commission that it retains on each race, compared to 25 or 30% for its competitors in some markets, she said.


Currently active in 20 countries, Taxify was first expanded in eastern Europe and Africa, but it now enters into a new phase of its development by targeting markets where Uber dominates. The company has, for example, launched its activities in Paris a month ago and she waits for the green light to do it in London.

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