Lyon: A thief series arrested after…sixty-five petty theft

The man was arrested by the brigade of urban security of Bron. Illustration. — Elisa Frisullo / 20 Minutes

It was, no doubt, his favorite activity. The police officers of Bron (Rhone) were arrested this week a man suspected to be taken during the summer for an incredible series of flights of any kind.

The caravan, by breaking in… This Lyonnais of 45 years, which raged in the town of Bron, in the district Parilly, but also in the 7th and 8th arrondissements of Lyon, is suspected by investigators of having committed no less than 65 flights during the summer period.

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Summoned before the justice in the spring

During his custody in the premises of the brigade of urban security in the office of Bron, this thief sickly would have admitted all of the offences which are alleged against him, according to The Progress.

Harm that it will need to explain to the bar of the criminal court of Lyon, where it is convened next march.

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