Lyon: dishes prepared by restaurants for the homeless

    Lyon: dishes prepared by restaurants for the homeless

    On the initiative of the association “Donner la main-don de soi”, donors can finance meals directly from restaurant owners in Lyon which will then be given to the homeless, during marauding.

    The initiative is called “trays / lives”.
    Faced with the extreme cold and the health crisis, the association “Donner la main-don de soi” offers a distribution to the homeless of meals prepared by restaurateurs. The marauding to distribute it takes place every Wednesday.

    Three partner restaurants for formulas at 8 euros

    The concept is simple. Rather than making a donation, the goal is to make a purchase of this meal tray for the homeless, explains Jean-Marc Roffat, president of the association. The starter / main course / dessert formula costs 8 euros and can be paid directly to the three partner restaurants: the table located at 22 Quai Perrache in Lyon, the Toane Restaurant, located at 1 rue de Finale en Émilie in Grézieu-la-Varenne and and Tohu Bohu, located at 3 chemin des lônes in Rochetaillée-sur-Saône`.

    One stone, two blows

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    The 8 euros are entirely donated to restaurateurs“adds Jean-Marc, the operation has the virtue of killing two birds with one stone. We are trying to help restaurants face the health crisis and they will work for the homeless who are hungry “.

    Lucie Odet, manager of the restaurant A Tavola welcomes this initiative: it touches us a lot, we are responding and we hope to be able to perpetuate the concept over the medium or even the long term “

    Lyon: dishes prepared by restaurants for the homeless

    The goal is to be able to achieve about twenty trays / lives per restaurant each week.

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