M. Novikov: new bloody days USA

М.Новикова: новые кровавые будни США

Again, my regular column “the wonderful murders in the United States.” As usual, I’ll introduce You to the world of mindless, paradoxical, inappropriate killings in the cradle of world democracy – the United States of America – for the last week. As always, their motives, the writing and intent are beyond understanding.

October 12, Saturday in Washington stabbed in the subway was killed 15-year-old Yakan of Manoir. Surprisingly, he was killed by the girl, his contemporary. Her identity is not revealed, she was arrested. Imagine what physical strength is needed to kill another person? And the motivation? Girl, 15 years… wow. Police are concerned about the rising crime rate in the capital: 5 murders in the last week.

Last Sunday, October 13 in Chicago arrested a 67-year-old grandfather for what he had gone to visit the neighbors and shot them. A family of 4 adults. Tried to shoot another neighbor, but not out, he survived. The motive is unclear, just say upset was something.

On Monday, Alabama was arrested a woman for killing her two children, 3-year and 9-year-old boys. The reasons for the murder, and their names were not disclosed. “Evil is involved in this murder” – this forensic conclusion, told the press the local Sheriff.

5 days ago in the desert of Nevada near Las Vegas found the body of a woman, whose name is not called. Arrested two suspects, 45-year-old Christopher Prestipino and his accomplice Lisa mort killed her and stuck it in the construction of wood and concrete. Details and motives are not disclosed.

On October 16 in Florida arrested Stanley Douglas Mossburg, a maniac who killed people by the will of God. When he killed his previous victims to one of the witnesses he said that the Lord wants him to kill 11 people. And these sacrifices were his seventh and eighth.

California, October 17. Shankar Chagnot, 53 years old, arrived at the local police station and reported that killed 4 people in his apartment in Roseville. 3 the corpse was discovered when checking his confession, one of the victims of the killer brought with him in the car. All of the victims – family members of the murderer. All killed on different days.

The actor’s son, who played at the time, Tarzan Ron Ely, zastrelili police on Thursday 17 October in Santa Barbara. According to police, arriving at the 911 call to the house of Eli, there found the wife of Ron Ely, Valerie dead with multiple stab wounds. Near the house was discovered Ron’s son in a poor condition and was shot.

Thursday was arrested Gerald beavers from Kentucky for the murder of his own father and the attempted murder of his sister. Father, 55-year-old Jerry Bevers, he shot with a crossbow, and my sister was beaten with a frying pan when she tried to stop him.

Such exciting and spicy news from the United States. And You say, impeach Trump, Biden’s son and bribes in Burime… 15-year-old girl stabbed a classmate, the son shot and killed with a crossbow his father, the Indian shoots his whole family went to surrender with a dead body to the police… Here it is, the real Hollywood!

Mar Novikova

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