Machine intelligence: an unmanned dump truck successfully tested in Belarus



Unmanned dump truck has been successfully tested in Belarus. This is a joint development of “BelAZ” and domestic IT-companies, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Olga Sablich.

The spectacle is impressive: dump truck-Gigant is moving confidently in the driver’s seat – no one. Machine with a lifting capacity of 130 tons is controlled remotely. Any obstacle carefully inspects.

Loader – also unmanned. Control of machines like a computer game. Everything happens online. The driver may be thousands of kilometers away and monitor the work of five, and then seven dump trucks. This technique is not afraid of heat, dust, and even radiation.

“Career becomes deeper, the minerals mined at high altitudes, a pit depth reaches 800 meters. In such circumstances, a man to work hard,” says CEO Peter Parkhomchik.

This dump truck is fully automated. Only in the cockpit of dozens of sensors. Terabytes of information are processed instantly. With this task cope the newest system – the 5G network. In the world of massively its plan to launch no earlier than 2021.

“The latest developments in the networks of the fifth generation will be used primarily at the landfill. The creation of industrial networks has many nuances that must be understood in the process of operation. The next step for us will be the joint creation of an Autonomous network that works within a single career here in Belarus, in Mikashevichi,” – said General Director of IT company Oleg saddle-maker.

First the drones on the platform of 4G “BelAZ” was released three years ago. They have successfully established themselves in Russia. And next year the new generation dump trucks will be tested at the site and in the Belarusian careers. The task of the domestic automobile industry in the next couple of years to take up to 20% of the world market of UAVs.