Maciocia closely touched by the COVID-19

Maciocia touché de près par la COVID-19

Danny Maciocia has been closely monitoring the evolution of the global pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Several of his family members and friends of long-time resident of Italy, one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19.

“This is far from an ideal situation, what we experience in Québec and in Canada, but this is not comparable to what lives in Italy. Many members of my family live in a small village of 600 people located between Naples and Rome. I also have friends that I know since 20 years of age who are in Lombardy, a region that is much affected by the COVID-19,” said Maciocia on the morning show of the TVA network, “Salut Bonjour” on Wednesday.

Like many people, he spends a good portion of his time to take news of their loved ones.

“I try to keep in touch with all the world. I spend a lot of time on FaceTime to discuss what is going on.”

The beginning of the mandate out of the ordinary

Despite the circumstances, Maciocia has to do his daily tasks as general manager of the Montreal Alouettes.

These days, he devotes his energies to his preparation for the draft, which is fast approaching.

“There are things we control and others that you don’t control. What we control, this is the repechage, which will take place on April 30. We concentrate completely on it. We want to be well prepared.”

Maciocia says he is satisfied of the elements already in place, but he would not refuse help on the defensive line from players of the XFL, whose season has been cancelled.

“We are always looking for depth, especially on the defensive line. It is our priority.”

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