Macron and Merkel greet each other coast to coast one-day “historic” for the EU

Macron et Merkel saluent côte à côte une journée «historique» pour l’UE

The German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron welcomed Tuesday a day of “historic” for the EU after the agreement of 27 on a recovery plan post-coronavirus, during a joint press conference in Brussels.

“This is a historic change in our Europe and our euro area”, said the French. “A major step has been taken.”

“In two months, we have managed to build a consensus for this recovery plan unique to become a decision and thus a reality,” he said happily.

Angela Merkel is said to be “very relieved” that after difficult negotiations, Europe has shown that it “can do together”.

It is”an important signal that goes beyond Europe,” “a response to the biggest crisis of the EU since its creation,” she said.

The head of the government, Pedro Sanchez, welcomed during a press conference separate “a big deal for Europe,” up to the qualifier of “real Marshall plan”.

After four days and four nights of the summit, the Europeans have managed to agree on a stimulus package of 750 billion euros, to be funded for the first time by a debt is common, and to revive a european economy that is grounded by the outbreak of coronavirus.

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