Macron needs to withdraw France from NATO

Макрон должен вывести Францию из НАТО

The President of France stated NATO “brain death”, with which disagree in Berlin and Brussels. On the part of Emmanuel Macron, this claim to leadership: he wants to rebuild the European security system, so that the effects of Paris has risen, and Washington and Ankara is decreased. To do this, France needed Russia and the withdrawal from NATO.

When macron speaks of “brain death” of the Alliance, he meant approximately the same as the Evangelist Matthew: “the Left hand not knowing what right hand is doing”. However, in Matthew it was the wish and the macron as if complaining. President Donald trump Washington does not favor NATO not consider it necessary to coordinate their policies with our European partners and Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and completely “off the grid”, waging a private war in the zone of interests of the Alliance and blockerase with countries which are there perceived as the enemy – Russia, Iran, and indirectly with Syria.

Given such “recusals” France having the third largest army of NATO, as if goes in the block to the first position. Moreover, in circumstances where the UK (the fourth in the significance of the armed forces) and Germany (fifth) temporarily withdrew from foreign policy to solve domestic problems: London is busy Brexton, and Merkel – attempts to keep your course in the fall of the rating of the ruling party.

The only thing the members of the Alliance are still common, it is the intention to expand its military infrastructure in the Balkans through the accession of new members: Albania, Croatia and Montenegro already on, turn to the Northern Macedonia. But this is done largely by inertia – to prevent the strengthening of Russian influence in the region, and the success of Moscow in the Balkans in Brussels decided to praise. After all, if not the formidable opponent with which the permanent need to compete, then why do we need NATO?

This question, if you believe the leaks in the American media, regularly asks his assistants Donald trump, despite the fact that it is Washington that is usually done in NATO’s role and “brain”, and “wallet”. The latter does not suit the President-the billionaire’s: in his view, America is too much spending going on about Eastern European countries, promoting anti-Russian hysteria and as a result, defense budgets. Therefore, it is necessary to redistribute the financial burden due to the increase in the contribution of other countries, especially those of France, Britain, Germany, and Italy and Spain.

The problem is that the increase in defense spending does not suit the population of these States there would prefer the money went on social programs, and the reserves of electoral strength, the authorities of any of the listed countries. Except, oddly enough, the Makron.

This man is what you need to recognize – literally confounded the skeptics who expected his loyalty to the United States, erected in principle, further promote the policy of globalism and serve the interests of global financial elites. However, the macron, after surviving “the revolution of the yellow jackets” and some restoring their shaken rating, not that has to do the opposite, but there were far more nationalist than they could afford.

For example, he proposed a new geopolitical strategy for Europe, an important part of which is cooperation with Russia. Against this sharply to mind the Eastern borders of NATO and the EU – Poland and the Baltic States, but the Makron from them actually shrugs, emphasizing that there is “subjective reasons” have forgotten how to assess Russia rationally.

“Europeans are making a big mistake if you don’t try to improve relations with Moscow,” – he said in the same interview in which he mentioned about “brain death”.

Another thing is that not everyone in the “strategy Rules” will like Russia. France traditionally pays great attention to the Maghreb and some countries of black Africa, seeing their historical responsibility. So, for example, is strongly against the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, what is now occupied by trump, in accordance with cost considerations.

Regional partner of the Russian Federation – Turkey – to say nothing of its anti-Kurdish initiative in Paris is perceived as an attack on the foundations. And this is the opinion of not only him, but his main opponent – the leader of the “National Association” (formerly the national front) marine Le Pen, advocating for the exclusion of Ankara from the North Atlantic Alliance for the harm done to European security and French interests in the middle East.

This entire situation with Turkey, Russia, samoustraniajutsia from European Affairs the US and politically weakened Merkel – macron is trying to use as a window of opportunity. Maybe for France, whose citizens are accustomed to much more “sovereign” filling foreign policy can be, for myself. His ambitions extend further than “to serve the financial interests of the globalists,” which he is usually credited.

The current French President would prefer to play in continental Europe the first violin, surpassing in this capacity, and Germany, and the United States, who retain significant influence there, despite belonging to another continent.

The phrase about “brain death” is a claim to leadership. Macron offers itself as a political functionary and administrator capable of leading NATO from the impasse, which came the Alliance. No wonder Germany’s Angela Merkel and oriented to the old order of the Brussels bureaucracy in the face of NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, took a replica of the French President’s hostility.

At their meeting in Berlin last Thursday, it was repeated that this is a personal opinion of Him and what assessment he has too sharp, but “NATO remains the cornerstone of European security” and “retains its force”. The crisis in relations with the US, Merkel and Stoltenberg tried to present as a temporary misunderstanding.

It’s hard to say how far willing to go the Makron. It is possible that he only checks and NATO, and the EU classifications of strength, wanting to symbolically enhance the role of Paris and nothing to risk. It is possible that even the formal wrangling with Ankara, Washington, Brussels and Berlin, it will be enough to get re-elected on the second row and rest there for visibility Lavrov.

But assuming he’s serious, he wants to make history and become a kind of French trump, who will return home, “former glory”, it has two visible ways.

First – implementation of the old French idea of a separate European army, supported by Berlin. In these European armed forces of France reserved the leading role at the expense of the most significant armed forces and the status of the only nuclear power in the Union (UK by the time the EU will have left).

The second path is the path of General De Gaulle. At the time he withdrew from the military Alliance, NATO, while leaving the political. His motives were largely similar – the competition with the United States (and great Britain; the General with great suspicion belonged to the Anglo-Saxons), own, different from other countries of the Alliance policy in Africa, interest in special relations with Russia and the desire to “be above Germany”, which did not lose, and, conversely, increased their influence.

This historic step General subsequently zeroed hollist-loser Nicolas Sarkozy, but Makron is able to “get it”, since he remains President of the same Fifth (that is, the Gaullist) of the Republic.

In combination with the very establishment of a single European army withdrawal from the military Alliance, NATO will provide Him what he so desperately wants – more influence, more opportunities, more independence in decision-making.

The political leadership of Paris in such an army will be supported by its non-aligned status, which is important for those EU members who is not part of NATO. You will not pay attention neither the US nor Turkey, nor the UK, nor in Brussels, if they brought the Alliance to “brain death” and calmly stated to implement “new security architecture” and “a new geopolitical strategy”.

Not the fact that it will make France “great again”. But the chance to go down in history as a great politician at the Macron actually appear.

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