“Made in China”

«Made in China»

And the oscar for Mother’s day the more sinister is awarded to: coronavirus!

This Sunday, may 10: grey weather, fret, deserted streets, with the atmosphere of death. Usually, we dressed up and we’ll go to mom for dinner on Mother’s day. I take flowers to the passage and do the queue with the hordes of good kids who are packing their bouquet. And then, I pick up one or two friends who never fail to join us, and we landed at my old arms loaded.

Two days in advance, she has started the preparations and decorated a beautiful table, as only she has the secret. We eat, we talk, we laugh, we yelled at them a little. Washing the good china ceremonial and range. As soon as we passed the gate, my old exhausted hands his robe and sits down in front of his tv.

This Sunday? Streets sad, florists, closed and restaurants which will welcome the person.

For many traders, the Sunday of Mother’s day represents a huge percentage of their turnover. There is plenty to be enraged.

Personally, I’s displeasure is most ardent. I want to the whole earth, but more specifically to these dictators the chinese, who have waited weeks before to warn us and who have killed or done away with all those who wanted to warn us about the gravity of the situation. They have hidden the real number of their dead and we have transmitted the data tampered with on which our western governments have based themselves to make their predictions.

The communist dictatorship in china will have a very heavy share of the responsibility in this chaos universal.

Would we have been warned in time? Would we have had a director who is not on their boots, we would not be in there. It do we would not prevent them from having to confront this pandemic, but we would have been better prepared by closing the borders and taking measures in health much earlier.

Instead, the western economies are bloodless, and we count the dead in thousands. I know, it is too late to rager on everything that has not been done, but when one takes the measure of this disaster, the anger rises.

We still have this week to observe several european countries that déconfinent.

To continue to look at our american neighbours to improvise.

To envy Sweden, which has not really carried out of containment and how the economy thrives. And finally, to hope to get us out of this mess in our lap.

The mere sight of a label “made in china” to me enraged. To comfort me, I’m going to buy the “made in us”.

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