Madonna accused of plagiarism

Мадонну обвинили в плагиате

How to write “adventures of a news”, according to the musician, Madonna is the most commercially successful singer in history according to the “Guinness Book of records” without his knowledge, included in the album song God Control, over which the musician has worked personally. The author of the electronic Duo Fischerspooner, said that two years ago had talks about this song with producer from France, which produced Madonna album under the name Madame X. was the agreement that God Control track will be released together with solo album producer, but now the musician shocked that he performed “Queen of pop”.

It is noted that after the incident, the lawyers of Madonna offered Casey Spooner as a compensation of 25 thousand dollars, but the musician refused and continued to demand from the artist of one percent of the income derived from the concerts. While the comments of the pop diva, and the song God Control was heavily criticized by the public due to scenes of violence.

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