Madrid and Barcelona will re-open terraces, hotels and museums Monday

Madrid et Barcelone rouvriront terrasses, hôtels et musées lundi

Madrid and Barcelona, so far excluded from the déconfinement in Spain, will be able to re-open terraces of bars, hotels and museums from Monday, joining the rest of the country after two weeks of waiting, announced on Friday that the government.

Many areas of the country that had already started the déconfinement, or 22 million Spaniards will move on to the higher stage, with the reopening of the beaches, pools and cinemas.

These re-openings remain accompanied by strict limitations on the number of clients, 50% for example, for the terraces, decided an extraordinary council of ministers.

The déconfinement of the regions of Madrid and Barcelona, the most populated area of the country, had been delayed, because they are also the two areas hardest hit by the pandemic. Spain itself is one of the most bereaved in the world, with 28 628 dead in accordance with the statement of the ministry of Health.

These two regions, as well as a large part of the Castile-León (north of Madrid), go to phase 1 of the déconfinement, which has four.

Their museums will be able to reopen, but with only 30% of the number of visitors usual, while the hotels will have to keep them closed public areas (swimming pools, gyms, salons) to reduce the risk of contagion.

The reopening of small shops, which had already started this week, will be widespread, with a limitation on the number of clients to 30% of the capacity.

The areas of the country that were already in phase 1, representing a total of 22 million Spanish and includes the archipelagos tourism of the Balearic islands and the Canary islands will move on to phase 2, which allows the use of swimming pools (with limited capacity), and the beaches, where it will be necessary to maintain a distance of at least two meters between each person, or group.

This phase also includes the re-opening of cinemas, theatres and concert halls, at one-third the normal capacity, as well as shopping centers, with 40% of the audience.

Spain has extended until June 6, included the state of alert that allows to restrict the movement of people to fight against the pandemic.

“There’s still some way to go and we need to maintain social discipline,” underlined the government spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, while the left-wing government is facing from several days of demonstrations criticizing its management and containment measures.

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