Maduro accused the United States: Venezuela denounces “a new form of coup”

Maduro inculpé aux États-Unis: le Venezuela dénonce « une nouvelle forme de coup d’État »

CARACAS, venezuela | The venezuelan minister of foreign Affairs called Thursday for a “new form of coup d’etat,” the indictment of socialist president Nicolas Maduro and several other managers venezuelans to “narcoterrorism” in the United States.

The american president Donald Trump “takes it back to the venezuelan people and its democratic institutions, by resorting to a new form of coup on the basis of accusations of the miserable, vulgar and unfounded,” said Jorge Arreaza during a televised speech.

Especially, he added, that ” humanity is currently facing the most virulent pandemics “, that of the coronavirus, of which 106 cases have currently been confirmed in Venezuela, a country in crisis where the health system is on its knees.

American justice accuses Nicolas Maduro and other senior venezuelan to be allied with the revolutionary armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), ” in an effort to flood the United States of cocaine “.

Washington offers a reward of up to $ 15 million for any information that would allow to stop the socialist president, in power since 2013.

“Offering rewards, as did the cowboys racist of the Far West, shows the desperation of the elite supremacist of Washington and its obsession against Venezuela “, found Jorge Arreaza.

The administration Trump is intensifying the pressure on Nicolas Maduro to sanctions more drastic to try to evict him. She recognizes the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido as acting president of Venezuela, just as some sixty other countries.

Juan Guaido judge that Nicolas Maduro “usurps” the function since the presidential election “fraudulent” 2018, which has enabled it to maintain power..

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