Mafia Inc. : a novel of gangsters quebec

Mafia Inc. : un polar de gangsters bien québécois

It is today that the highly anticipated film Mafia Inc. takes the poster. Wars of family, vengeance and betrayals, murders and regulations of account… All the ingredients of a good film gangsters are brought together to provide a good polar, way quebec. Inspired by the book Mafia Inc., journalists André Cédilot and André Noël, the film recounts the tensions that have settled between the family of Vincent “Vince” Gamache and Paternò, family mafia of sicilian origin moved to Montreal.

Marie-Christine met Marc-André Grondin, who plays Vince. He said he was very happy to be able to play this role different from those for which it is often associated. “Usually, I approach to roles which undergo events, and live inside, which are passengers. There, [PODZ] proposed to me a character who creates, who is in the action, with layers of emotional really interesting and much of the action as well, ” he explained.

She also spoke with PODZ, the director. Among other things, he talked about the way we judge sometimes without knowing the course of the people. “There is emotion. These are all human beings who are living something, he said. And today, it condemns fast people, cultures, societies. There is the anonymity of social networks and I think we did that a little too quickly. I think that it would be better to understand and see where are the people, how they feel. ”

He also pointed out that the mafia, crime, corruption are also part of the realities of québec. “It’s part of our culture, that is. Yes, it is the terroir, OK, it has been said and explored in mass. But there is another thing : there is modernity, there is crime, it is the police, there is corruption, it is the good works, it is policy. It is all here and it is time that we address these topics a little more frontally. ”

In the room today.

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