Magic coin how to do so, to bring incredible luck

Волшебная монетка: как сделать так, чтобы она принесла невероятную удачу

Many people know about the tradition to throw a coin into the pond to necessarily go back to any place. But this is not the only magical ability coins. They can do more!

For example, the thrown coin will help to fulfill the cherished desire. I found out about this recently, but this is not so important. Importantly, the scheme is tested and working.

But let’s start with the fact that the coins people since ancient times is treated in a special way. And not only that with their help you can buy almost everything. No, now we are talking more about their power.

Coin has always been the abundance of wealth and profit. You only need to “charge” it with the right thoughts. And throw, so to speak, especially in a fountain or pond.

Are you ready to learn how to do it? To begin with, of course, find the fountain and tucked in the pocket of a coin. Hold her little hand, thinking only about his desire.

After, again, say to myself his wish and throw a coin into the water. After this 10 minute stay in the same place. And remember that there even a second is important.

Well, that’s all. Now you can go on about their business. And don’t go back to the fountain or pond for three days. It is as important and obligatory part of the ritual.

By the way, after some time, the universe shall give you a sign. If soon after you toss a coin, there was something unusual or mystical, it means that your desire was heard.

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