Magic morning: how vigorously to start the day

The key to a good day – a leisurely awakening, a delicious Breakfast and the opportunity to find at least 10 minutes for yourself.

Магія ранку: як енергійно починати день

The key to a good day – a leisurely awakening, a delicious Breakfast and the opportunity to find at least 10 minutes “alone” or meditate. And yet, according to yogis, it is the special rituals that improve your health and boost immunity. We now describe, informs Rus.Media.

These rituals have a long history and are quite specific. But they are, according to Ayurveda, promotes detoxification and mental clarity. Try all or at least one and then, according to their own feelings decide, they are suitable for you personally or not.

Ritual No. 1: breathing Easy

This procedure has a very beautiful name – Jala Neti, from the name of a special Indian pot. It is based on irrigation of the nasopharynx with water. The procedure is this: you close one nostril, and the other forced water to flow out through the mouth. Then the same is done with the other nostril.

Important: mucus and water is better not to breathe and not swallow and spit out. The procedure is especially useful for residents of cities with highly polluted air and those who are often confronted with nasal congestion.

Ritual No. 2: a Clear view

The procedure is very simple: only need to dial in the palm of clean, cold water and rinsed her eyes. So you get rid of toxins and moisturize your eyes. A ritual is simply a must for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of screens, TV, computer, phone.

Ritual No. 3: Fine taste

Using a tablespoon or a toothbrush with a special surface thoroughly get rid of plaque on the tongue (if you don’t do it regularly while brushing teeth). The plaque wash mouth with water and spit it out. The result is less bacteria in your mouth, so you can be less sick (goodbye sore throat!) better to experience the true, pure taste of the products.

Ritual No. 4: Flexible body

Immediately after a thorough cleaning of the body it’s time to stretch. Perform a small yoga-complex, starting from how much time you have available. And be sure to include the Surya Namaskar is a yoga classic! Say, experienced practitioners can perform it in a circle 100 times. Do not pursue such results: the start will be enough for 5-10 laps.

Ritual No. 5: Clean the body

After yoga take a shower. The water will wash away tiredness, stress and negative, which accumulate not only in body but in mind. Weekend can even afford a bath with oils is a perfect option.

These five rituals will purify your soul and body, preparing to a new day full of energy. And still feel like a clean slate – to forget about yesterday’s remorse for eaten chocolate bar, about lower back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle and red, using a computer, eye.