Magical “Golden moment” will come on March 13 at 13:13. That’s what you need to think at this moment in order not to lose their happiness

Волшебная «золотая минута» наступит 13 марта в 13:13. Вот о чём необходимо думать в это мгновение, чтобы не упустить своё счастье

Our world is shrouded in energy flows. But there is a specific time, which is called the “Golden minute” when these energy flows are extremely valid.

March 13, in 13 hours 13 minutes we are waiting for the “Golden moment”. It will be a powerful energy.

It can be used to bring to life your deepest desires. Those who have tried to do it — convinced that it works.

Many believe that 13 is not good number. But in numerology this number represents”the human Spirit, seeking to love” or “energy, striving for love.”

The key thing to remember is that you cannot use the energy of this number is evil, otherwise it will turn against you.

But if you have secret desires, 13 March at 13:13:13 it’s time for magic

However, to make a wish correctly, you need:
1. Your desire should be ethical and focused on you.

2. Your desire must not contain the particle “not”
3. Formulate your wish correctly. Use the wording in the present tense. Wrong”I want to go to the Maldives”, right:”I’m going to the Maldives”
4. Please describe in detail his desire, can he draw it or find a suitable picture. Describe a time (real)

After correctly formulate their desire, must at the appointed time to say it. Preferably in the voice. It is better to be alone. Try to get rid of extraneous thoughts, because they can spoil everything. Soon the universe will answer your request. But don’t forget to also sincerely believe that your wish will come true. To do this, start making small steps towards your dream. Let all your plans be realized!

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