Magnetic storms in February 2018. When to expect and how to behave

Important to know!

Магнітні бурі у лютому 2018. Коли очікувати і як себе вести

If you belong to the category of meteo-dependent people, our material – especially for you. Tell, when to wait for the strongest magnetic storms in February and how to survive with minimal damage to well-being and health, reports Rus.Media.

Magnetic storms in February 2018

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, geomagnetic conditions in February 2018. Some disturbances of Earth’s magnetic field is only expected 10 and 16 February, other days meteo-dependent people can breathe a sigh of relief.

Магнітні бурі у лютому 2018. Коли очікувати і як себе вести

However, do not forget that extremely sensitive individuals may suffer from the slightest of geomagnetic fluctuations a few days before their start and after their completion, feeling a headache, pressure drops and other unpleasant symptoms.

What to do and what not to do during magnetic storms

There is one rule that will help you feel better in dangerous days: during magnetic storms take care of yourself more than usual. Avoid stress, eat regularly and correctly, keep the sleep, maintain optimal water balance in the body, more walk in the fresh air. To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms will help also emotional shower and herbal tea. If you suffer from diseases of the heart and nervous system, a critical period always carry the necessary drugs.

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