Magnetic storms in mid-April 2018 – is expected to be tense geomagnetic conditions

Find out the forecast of solar activity in mid-spring.

Магнітні бурі у середині квітня 2018 року - очікується напружена геомагнітна обстановка

Forecast of magnetic storms in April 2018, which publishes Ivona for meteo-dependent people, will help you to prepare for the surges of solar activity and to keep health these days, reports Rus.Media.

The sun allowed us to ride the Passover, but there is still a whole Easter week, during which it is expected disturbed state of the Earth’s magnetosphere and serious manifestations of solar activity. Geomagnetic disturbances on our planet arise from time to time because of solar flares, during which the plasma particles at great speed and pulled into space and reach the lower layers of earth’s atmosphere.

In particular, today, April 10, and the next few days are expected to be long-lasting magnetic bursts and moderate storms in the second and third decade of April. So all the sensitive people should be alert that the magnetic fluctuations are not caught by surprise and did not spoil the condition.

Magnetic storms in April 2018 by the numbers

Magnetic fluctuations are expected 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23 number.

Severe magnetic storms in April of a possible 10, 11, 12, 19.

Magnetic storms in April 2018 – poor health

During magnetic storms and severe geomagnetic fluctuations sensitive to them, people often experience headaches, insomnia, disruption of the cardiovascular system, exacerbation of chronic diseases, decreased performance, loss of strength, increasing adrenaline, stress and depression.

As you know, the body’s response to magnetic storms is different in every person. Some people stand quietly, while others may experience headaches, a disorder of the cardiovascular system, exacerbation of chronic diseases, insomnia, decreased performance, increased adrenaline, stress and even depression.

How to survive the magnetic storms in April 2018:

limit or postpone for a better time work, requiring greater attention;

try to avoid stressful situations, scandals and clarify the relationship;

often relax and be outdoors, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;

monitor your health, blood pressure, and follow the recommendations your doctor;

eat healthy, especially in the days of magnetic storms to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Recommended vegetable diet, natural juices, and broths, milk diet, and lean meat. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

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