Magog will harden soon the tone to secure the ex-Difco

Magog durcira bientôt le ton pour sécuriser l’ex-Difco

Fences have been added to ward off the intruder, but the curious can easily cross the security perimeter in a few places, a few yards away. (Photo : the Reflection of The Lake – Dany Jacques)

SECURITY. 13 months after a judgment of the municipal Court, the City of Magog has not yet managed to force the owner of the ex-factory Difco secure his abandoned factory.

In a decision rendered on June 18, 2018, justice Pierre G. Geoffroy had convicted the company Anahid Hospitality Management at two of the three findings of infringement that had been addressed.

These notices involved breaches on the system alarm and inspection of fire hydrants. The magistrate imposed fines of $ 250 for each offence and a period of 90 days to comply.

The record stretches while the business of Nova Scotia exceeds the time limits of more than one year. The assistant clerk and senior legal counsel, Marie-Pierre Gauthier, admits that progress at a snail’s pace.

“Our discussions have made progress in some aspects, but not all of the measures that the company should apply,” she says. It gave the chance to the rider, but there comes a time where the company must comply with our regulations.”

To Me, Gauthier believes that the City will harden the tone of the next few weeks to force the company to comply with. She prefers not to reveal his game, simply saying that the commission is currently analysing different options. Other legal actions would be on the table.

According to Me Gauthier, the City removes the option to carry out itself the work at the expense of the company. An invoice is salty and a possible difficulty to recover the amounts concerned to the city council.

The state of the abandoned factory of the former Difco concern to the City, citizens, police officers and firefighters of the region. Abandoned for many years, the building is considered a public danger by the forces of law and order. They found dozens of violations per year, such as introductions and illegal acts of vandalism. The risks of injury are very high.