Maia Sandu: Moldova will learn from Romania’s anti-corruption

PHOTO : MIR / Irina Fomochkina


The new Prime Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu made his first official visit was the trip to Romania. Why for the first foreign visit, she chose the country which issues are important at the moment and how they should be addressed, Ms. Sandu said in an exclusive interview to TV channel “MIR”.

“We will invite, of course, proven professionals. We said we want to learn from Romania. You’ve heard what the organization has achieved in the fight against corruption in Romania, although they too have problems. But we want to learn from them what you can do better. We know that Ukraine is trying to create institutions for fighting corruption. We want to do based on good and bad experiences to understand what to do and what not to do. It seems to us that here in the region, there are things that work for us. Yes, there is the experience of the United States or France, but what is happening in Romania and Ukraine, maybe more close to our context. We therefore invite trusted experts from these countries,” – said the Prime Minister, Maia Sandu.

Joint projects of Romania and Moldova will appear in the energy sector, in education and infrastructure. Moldova intends to work closely with Ukraine. This applies mainly to the problems of Transnistria and smuggling. Prime Minister of Moldova said that she wants her country had good relations with the neighbors.