Main reasons why you have no money you want to have!

Each of us experiences a natural need to live in abundance, but most of this wealth does not have.

Основні причини, чому у вас немає грошей які ви хочете мати!

Probably each of us is experiencing a natural need to live in abundance, but most of this wealth does not have, reports Rus.Media.

Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and believe in your wallet every single little bill. Others can afford cheap satisfaction and rest, but they also do not live the way they wanted to live.

However, there are some people who do not experience financial problems, have a lot of money who can afford all that the soul desires them. While some constantly complain about the lack of money, others just do it and achieve their financial goals.

Why is this happening?

1. I do nothing for that

Ask yourself, what am I doing to radically change your financial situation? Do you go every day to the same job waiting when you get a raise, but it will not increase. You are satisfied and yet not satisfied. You kind of like, but not the money. It turns out that the desire to change something, but you can’t do.

2. The lack of sufficient motivation

When there is no motivation – it lost the meaning and the question may arise: “what would I do if I like my routine?” Very often earn a man motivated woman, children, illness. Lack of motivation allows a person to get out of their comfort zone. Motivation is important in order to move forward to the desired result.

3. Ineffective actions

I do, but nothing happens. I want to earn a lot of money, but work where they are not. As a result of all that I do – money doesn’t bring to me.

4. Fears

Fear has one feature – it restrains, binds, hinders the action and various life changes. Many have a fear of having a lot of money, because in their minds the big money – big problems. Or worse yet, what if the money is a lot, they can take away. It turns out that we are afraid, so do not evolve.

5. Limiting beliefs

“Money corrupts”. “I will never become rich”. “The money I get from hard work”. All this limiting beliefs. They leave their imprint on our actions and is a serious obstacle in our money.

And these beliefs quite a lot. Analyze everything you think about money, and you will find many different limiting beliefs.

6. Secondary benefits

Why should you have what you have? Why you don’t have a lot of money? Why it is profitable to develop? In most cases, a person beneficial to be in a situation in which it is located and nothing changed.

Ask yourself the question, what is your benefit? And maybe you will get a very unexpected answer, which will allow you to look at the situation from a different angle.

7. Generic scripts

Man is a part of their tribal system. In his genes is all stories related to money, what happened in his family. And often it is not only a story of wealth and loss of money.

This is especially true for our country when so many people have passed not only through bankruptcy but also through dispossession, racketeering and other losses. And often descendants live the same history of losing money, and their ancestors. In a systemic constellation, this is called interlacing.

8. Karma

In this life the soul has come with certain experiences she’d had in other epochs. Information about this experience is stored in our genes and in the depths of our psyche. Very often this experience is a major reason that in this life man has no money, no income. It works the law of cause and effect, sometimes called karma, which affects cash flow. All this work and change their material well-being, it is important to look in this direction.

9. Financial illiteracy

Ignorance of the law, money and market laws. You have the money, but they don’t work: lie on a rainy day or going home. In the end, instead of increase your capital, because he is approximately on the same level.

What to do?

Change your thinking and change your attitude towards money.

Begin to take action.

To become financially literate.


Take a sheet of paper, mark it into two columns. On the left write all that you do in order to change their financial situation. Right write everything that you do.

Which column had more? If in the left, then ask yourself the question: “What am I doing wrong?” If you use a lot of effort to change their financial situation, but there is no result, then we have to see what restrictions you have in your family and in the karmic experience for the soul.

If the right more, then adjust their strategy in relation to the money and you certainly will succeed.

80% of all problems are in the person and only 20% have deeper ancestral and karmic reasons.

All the best to you! Think! Do it! Achieve!

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