Major funding for the quebec-based company GoSecure

Financement important pour l’entreprise québécoise GoSecure

The quebec-based company specialized in cyber security-GoSecure has received a funding of $ 20 million (US $ 27.1 million CDN) to accelerate its growth in the rest of Canada and the United States, on Tuesday.

Innovative in terms of services, detection and responses managed (MDR), a company founded in Montreal in 2002, has enlisted the help of the canadian investor Yaletown Partners, which is dedicated to the possibilities of the industry intelligent.

With this funding, GoSecure will now be able to invest in the development of its E-series of MDR. The company is also “the first and the only one to integrate the detection of threats at the level of terminals, networks, and e-mail messages in a single service detection and response managed,” said Yaletown Partners in a press release.

“This new funding will accelerate the growth of solutions MDR in Canada and the United States, as more and more companies are looking for help in a world that is increasingly mobile”, a-t was specified.

According to the forecasts in the area of cyber security, 40 % medium-sized companies will adopt the services of the MDR in the next five years. GoSecure is positioned favourably, being one of the leaders of the industry.

Among the other investors of the company include the Bank of Montreal, SAP/NS2 and Razor’s Edge.

GoSecure employs more than 200 people and has offices in Montreal and San Diego. It also plans to double its number of experts in cyber security within the quebec metropolis in the next three years.

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