Major league baseball is the subject of a lawsuit

Le baseball majeur fait l’objet d’une poursuite

The major leagues, its teams, and four companies of the resale of the tickets are subject to a civil lawsuit launched by two supporters who require a refund for tickets of the regular season.

According to the newspaper Los Angeles Times, which reported the information Monday, this are the five violations of the law which are alleged against the parties involved. A class action claim has been presented to the district Court of the United States in Los Angeles, California.

According to the documents of the prosecution, “more than 100” supporters are preparing to claim a refund for the tickets and the cost of purchase. Recall that the beginning of the campaign has been postponed due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“While many companies across the country have acted in a lawful and ethical manner by offering consumers refunds for events that will not occur during the pandemic, sometimes in spite of the risk of bankruptcy, it is to be noted that the pass time of the Americans – baseball – refuses to do the right thing for its followers”, one can read in these documents

“Since the stadiums will remain empty in the foreseeable future, the supporters of baseball are stuck with tickets expensive and unusable in view of the meetings that will not be able to be played at the heart of this economic crisis.”

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