Makron as a follower of Mikhail Bulgakov

Макрон как последователь Михаила Булгакова

On the minds of NATO

French President Emmanuel macron is known for her bold, large-scale, non-standard and not always realistic statements, estimates, projects. The European tabloids have long pointed out his passion and desire to become Europe’s politician number one. In the capitals of Europe this passion is not always evaluated positively, often with irritation. Moreover, the situation in France cannot be considered brilliant, and the position of the President E. Makron sustainable.

However, we recognize that a number of ideas and proposals emanating from the Elysee Palace, need to accept a realistic, promising and innovative. In particular, the recent sharp statement E. Makron that NATO is “brain dead” are not in a hurry to criticize or disavow in European capitals. First, because many European leaders criticized the North Atlantic Alliance. Secondly, the President of France is one of the key players in this military-political bloc and the state of Affairs there, he knows for certain. Thirdly, for the same reason, his statement can be attributed to the self, as the leaders of the countries – members of NATO as the “brain” also bear considerable responsibility. However, Merkel did not agree with the assessment of E. Makron, but recently said that Europe cannot continue to count on US.

On the other hand, as I see it, his evaluation of the strategic activities of NATO is delayed. Emmanuel macron has participated in the meetings of NATO in Brussels and could see this failure a long time ago. By the way, another year and a half ago he, together with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel spoke about the initiative of creating in Europe a self-defense system, not looking at Washington. Can we assume that this sharp expression of the French President emerged either after reading a brilliant novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, or after watching the two-part black-and-white film based on this work on the YouTube channel.

After all, note that unlike many politicians and the military, discussing the number of soldiers and weapons in the Baltic States, fell from truck American tank “Abrams” or fight NATO troops with the natives in Poland, Emmanuel macron did for “what’s in the latrines, and the fact that in the minds”. However, we must recognize that to correct NATO’s “stuff” is easy enough. But to bend, to revive NATO “brains”, it’s harder. Moreover, the macron does not mean that it is bad in the minds of NATO and what to do about it?

It is not excluded that the French President made this difficult and alarming diagnosis on the basis of the real picture. In reply to a remark of E. Makron NATO Secretary General Th. Expected Stoltenberg said that “Europe alone cannot protect can. A NATO can?

Should not prove the most embarrassing problem in Europe is illegal immigration. Scandals in the EU, a tough confrontation between the heads of state, abruptly increasing crime, in the end, the loss of Europe’s own identity – only a General enumeration problem.

However, if the explosion of illegal migration to Europe, NATO has done everything possible to stop it, the normalization of the situation with migrants crossing the Mediterranean sea, creating some enclaves for those who broke to reduce crime migrants NATO did nothing.

The evaluation of E. Makron is a terrible warning to all the inhabitants of Europe and nearby regions? After all, today NATO in Europe about 4 million soldiers, who are part of the new military divisions: air force, Navy, army, chemical, nuclear forces and special operations forces. One can only imagine what this military fists in combination with the bad brains of those who controlled it, in particular the International military staff. However, it seems to me that the President of France so dramatically expressed primarily against Washington. The White house disorganize of the management structure of NATO and its members most. The uncertainty irritated replica of E. Macron suggests that the patience of European leaders came to an end. To determine the status of NATO was used apt language for the famous Transfiguration Professor.Alexander Bulavin