Malaysia oversized sports bottle startup raises funds for athletes

Malaysia oversized sports bottle startup raises funds for athletes

Of all things, water suddenly became the talk of social media with the hashtag #Hidration gaining traction. 160 million views on TikTok, at the end of June 2021.

With the hashtag-related content going viral, various water bottle brands saw their sales surge after being recommended by TikTok stars and celebrities alike. Some types of baby bottles that went viral include “adult” sippers (think a glass covered with a straw and handle) and large gallon bottles.

For this Malaysian, his habit of carrying a large bottle of water with him to hydrate himself was not due to this trend, but to a healthy lifestyle that he had always practiced. Later, he had an explosive moment to monetize it.

“I remember one day I came across an article in an interview with Julian Yee, a professional figure skater from Malaysia. I read about how he had to collectively fund his training and the difficulties he faced finding sponsors to support his career, ”Zayn shared with the Vulcan Post.

Realizing the struggles athletes face, Zayn was driven to create a brand to help those in need through entrepreneurship and thus his social enterprise. ON was born last year in October 2020.

Doing good to your body and society

“Our body needs 3 to 4 liters of water every day, and complying with that helps reduce the risk of headaches, drowsiness, low blood pressure, decreased skin elasticity, dry mouth, and so on. go on, ”Zayn explained.

While he is not a professional athlete himself, Zayn is a sports enthusiast and is quite passionate about the local athletic scene.

“After doing some research, I realized that local athletes don’t have a lot of funding and support to continue their careers, and they usually end up becoming coaches or returning to the academic path,” he shared his findings.

“But [this issue] it’s starting to get more attention as we haven’t been able to get a gold medal at the Olympics yet (hopefully this year!). “

Keep the colors flashy but not too flashy / Image Credit: OVER

Locally, the athletic scene appears to be struggling to raise funds even previous to the pandemic. With the pandemic, funds are now needed, not so much to send athletes to competitions, but to keep partnerships alive in the first place.

Of course, there are some who beg to differ, and I personally feel that our local athletes are much more privileged than athletes from other countries in terms of funding.

However, athletes who train make money primarily through competitions and events that are now difficult to conduct safely. As for grants and sponsorships, if there are no events, there is little incentive for them as well.

These struggling athletes are the ones OVER hopes to help, along with disadvantaged families in Malaysia.

It is a movement that resonates with your customers.

If you purchase a bottle of OVER, you can choose to contribute to athletes or a charity of your choice to which OVER will donate 20% of your net profits. They currently have 1.5L and 2.2L bottles, and retail from $ 59 to $ 74 with no discounts.

The bottles are made from durable BPA- and DEHP-free plastic, have a molded-in bottle body handle (so there’s little to no risk of breakage), and have a flip-top cap that the team promises is leak-proof.

Did you know: BPA can have potential effects on the brain and prostate health of fetuses, infants, and children, while DEHP can cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Mayo Clinic / Proposition 65

So far, they have sold 3,500 bottles since their inception last year and have raised funds of RM 4,835 from their customers. These clients often participate in sports, which may be why OVER’s mission resonates with them.

For a new startup, those are promising numbers for OVER, which Zayn runs full time. However, not everyone shares your enthusiasm for the business and your ideas. Some of his friends and family who he hoped would support him still haven’t bought into his idea, he lamented.

Malaysia oversized sports bottle startup raises funds for athletes

A design that makes the bottle easily portable / Image credit: OVER

But that didn’t dampen Zayn’s ambition, and he later managed to find a business partner in a friend he pitched to. “It took me a while to learn from that and understand that this will be a lonely journey, but as long as we (my partner and I) believe in it, it will be enough,” said Zayn.

Today, they are not the only ones who believe in the potential of OVER, as their sales have shown. Additionally, the social enterprise has found some investors and partners to help support its mission.

Selling a bottle of water is far from the most unique idea we’ve seen, but the sales and funds raised by OVER so far speak to its ability to design and market its bottles in a way that is tailored to a specific target market ( sports enthusiasts).

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Featured Image Credit: Zayn, Founder of OVER