Malaysian girl bought in the restaurant, duck egg and decided to see who will hatch out of it

One day she came up with an unusual idea – to buy in the restaurant, duck egg and see who will hatch out of it. This idea backfired.

Малазійська дівчина купила в ресторані качине яйце і вирішила подивитися, хто з нього вилупиться

Perhaps in Malaysia so accepted? Perhaps for them it is normal to keep the house animals that live there like as not have to? For example, 39-year-old Eric lim decided to conduct an original experiment that changed her life, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, she didn’t plan to have a home an unusual pet, but something went wrong and now she lives a duck.

About two years ago, Erica had the idea to buy a fertilized egg in one of the many Vietnamese restaurants. Long search was not necessary, because institutions are often prepared dish called Balut. And for the delicacy used fertilized eggs…

Eric just wanted to check inside the bird. She paid the money to the restaurant owner, brought the egg home and placed it in a makeshift incubator. And two weeks later the light appeared a little “sun”.

Chick looked so magical that she was fascinated by them. And ducky thought that Erica is her mother. And what could I do? Had to leave feathered to live at home as a pet.

And believe me, the duck is no worse than a cat or a dog!

Eric ward named Daisy, and even created her a page on Instagram to show the world what she now has a friend.

Duck grew fast, along the way learning the tricks of life in the house. She loves water and secretly sneaking in to swim. And if the house suddenly became very quiet, so the bandit-Daisy is already bathed or come up with another prank.

Even home duck carries one egg every day. Apparently, she was very eager to feed its owner.

Erica takes with him a pupil, even in the theater, and she behaves well.

It turns out that the duck’s can be a friend to man. Eric loves his girlfriend, and no regrets about his unusual experiment.