Mallorca opened a “women’s” hotel. The men’s entrance is strictly prohibited

На Майорке открыли "женский" отель. Мужчинам вход строго воспрещен

Stay can ladies 14 years and older

На Майорке открыли "женский" отель. Мужчинам вход строго воспрещен

The hotel is situated on the East coast of the island of Majorca in Porto Cristo.

The business model of the hotel “exclusively for women” is designed to fill a gap in Spain in this sector. In this country there are hotels only for adults, only for seniors, exclusively for vegetarians and also for people with a different sexual orientation. Why opening a school of this type, the hotel’s management hopes for the successful operation of their enterprise.

To embody the idea in life is decided after a survey among 9 thousand women. Then most of them said that she would love to stay at such a hotel.

The influence of the “female” style in interiors is felt already at the doorstep. As they say its owners, Som Dona has the design and aesthetics of the interior “is inspired by female features”: decorated in a simple Scandinavian style and bright colours. It offers 39 rooms, pool, gym, bar and a Wellness and SPA centers.

Special attention is paid in the hotel the food on the basis of flexible dieting. Features “flexitarian” food, involving the use of “healthy” products. Such a diet based on plant foods, while the man does not refuse from meat or fish, provided they are of good quality.

Although the vast majority of the employees of this hotel were women in the hotel and sometimes there are male workers. The Spanish laws prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sex, but seek to minimize the presence of men.

Male visitors are allowed in the hotel. This means that if women clients have a need to invite a man into my room in this hotel it will not be able to do it.

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