Man accused of killing 40-year-old in the Rostov region

Мужчину обвинили в убийстве 40-летней давности в Ростовской области

In the Rostov region the man charged with the murder of 40-year-old. According to the investigation, in 1979, he stabbed the guard, reports a press-service SK of Russia.

Law enforcement officials believe that the night of July 23, 1979, the defendant entered the territory of agricultural enterprises in order to steal and caused the local guard several knife blows. In the attack, the caretaker died at the scene.

The identity of the attacker installed, but immediately after the crime, he changed instruments and moved to Northern Russia under a different name. Because of this he was able to avoid liability for several decades.

“Investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across the Rostov region 63-year-old man charged with the crime of Premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances”, – said the investigative Committee.

The prosecution had called for the conclusion accused under guards. The investigation is ongoing.