Man arrested Pashinsky Prosecutor Gorbatyuk reanimated thing Lucas to annoy Portnov

Приятель арестованного Пашинского прокурор Горбатюк реанимировал дело Лукаш, чтобы досадить  Портнову

The situation with the presentation of the updated “bigotry” the ex-Minister of justice Elena Lukash and the lawyer Taisiya Beloccas is a manifestation of a long-lasting hostile relations Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk and lawyer Andriy Portnov.Portnow calls Gorbatyuk not only as a state criminal. Gorbatyuk caused the Tailor to interrogation, sanctioned censorship of his correspondence and phone calls, carrying out searches.Resuscitation case 2016 former Minister of justice Elena Lukash and Alexander Lavrinovich (the payments to legal firms a total of 2.5 million UAH in the framework of the “General state program of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU law”) is intended to annoy Portnov.Taisiya Belotskaya that is the case, the wife of the famous lawyer Vladislav Blockage, a random victim — it was a formally appointed Director of the law firm, which has received the largest order from the justice Ministry.The protection Lucas provides Yuriy Ivashchenko from the law firm of Andrey Smirnov, the Deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council, the newly appointed Deputy head of the OP. Smirnov, a close friend of Andrei Bogdan and Andrei Portnov. He first published January 5, 2018 on his page on Facebook information about the new year’s holiday the Poroshenko family in the Maldives, forcing the press service of the AP officially recognize this fact in an interview to “Interfax-Ukraine” 16.01.2018.21 November the Prosecutor General’s office over the authority of pre-trial investigation: the case will be transferred to NABOO, RRT and Netpolicy. The Gorbatyuk already proposed without a competition to go to GBR to the position of a figurehead. He Gorbatyuk would prefer NABOO, given his friendship with Artem Sytnik. But this option is not considered. The situation worsens with the arrest of Sergei Pashinsky, whom the Gorbatyuk was a connection.Their services Lukash and Portnov has already offered eks-public Prosecutor Dmitry SUS – former Deputy chief of the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the sphere of economy of the GPU. He had a case against the NAB — about Sytnyk extortion of a bribe in $ 1 million from officials in April 2016 2017 WM himself is under investigation by the NAB on charges of undeclared foreign car. NABU managed to get him under house arrest. Now the case is referred to the WAX.shadow_anonymous

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