Man hunt: no hypothesis is excluded by the police

Chasse à l’homme: aucune hypothèse n’est exclue par les policiers

In search of a fugitive or a body? The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) does not exclude any hypothesis in his research to find Martin Carpentier, the father of the two girls found dead in Saint-Apollinaire.

Although several people claimed to have seen the man, 44-year-old searched since Wednesday evening, the police, themselves, confirm that they have not preview.

All of the scenarios, therefore, are always investigated by the SQ, which continues to rake a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire. The police force needs to combine both techniques to search for a body and those for a person on the run.

Research on the ground

According to what has been observed Roger Ferland, a former investigator of the police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVQ), the police focus their searches on the ground.

“The police were only a short distance between them, of three meters or a meter, depending on how thick it is or not, so as to ensure that on the ground, there is nothing next to them”, he explains.

“We really need to cover the territory, because if there is no life, there will not be sign at all and this is not by the air that we will have, the wood is really too strong,” adds the ex-investigator.

The density of the forest complicates the work of police officers.

“We see that the ground is covered with ferns, young branches, young shoots everywhere. It is very dense. If someone was lying on the ground, we do not see,” says Mr. Ferland.

In order to ensure the sector, at a fine-tooth comb and not miss any clue, the police are doing what they call research static.

“When we do, we try to be very systematic, it remains at a distance, the police officers, one from the other, so as to see, with GPS,” says the former investigator.

Several cottages in the area

Sunday morning, police in all-terrain vehicle (ATV) started their day of research in a trail leading to several cottages.

Some cottage owners in the sector were pleased to see the agents.

“I like it better that they are there for me to go and see, as to go there alone. I was fearful a little bit,” says Denis Levesque, one of the owners.

One of the problems in this sector, is that there are several cottages and the majority of them are only inhabited a few weeks out of the year or only on the weekends.

It is a problem for the police which can prove to be an advantage for the fugitive since he could easily find shelter and food.

Martin Carpentier is on the loose since Wednesday night after his car was involved in an accident on highway 20 near Saint-Apollinaire.

An Amber alert was triggered Thursday afternoon, as the two daughters of the man, Norah, and Romy Carpentier, were also missing.

The bodies of two girls were found in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire Saturday morning.

The research continues since to find it.

The Sûreté du Québec invites the people who would have information on Martin Carpentier to call 911.

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