A man injured by security guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news that you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina news events events USA

 The man injured by the guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news that you could skip

In Ohio, kids were fed candy with needles on Halloween. In New York, police intercepted almost a ton of drugs. And in Florida, a man got a tattoo with the Rolls-Royce logo on his face. Read about this and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

A man who becomes disabled due to the fault of prison guards will receive compensation of $ 17.5 million

< p> And also: Pfizer vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 will begin next week.

21-year-old boy with spinal cord injury will be paid $ 17.5 million

 Man injured by security guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news you may have missed

photo: dispatch.com

On April 2, 2020, Chillicot Prison guards grabbed Seth Fletcher, handcuffed him and knocked him to the ground. After that, the man complained that he could not feel his legs and could not move them. His complaint was passed over and overturned several more times. When Seth was unable to drink water, the guards poured it into his mouth and nose. This is stated in the report of the Ohio Highway Patrol. As a result, Fletcher suffered a spinal cord injury and has since been paralyzed below the chest.

During the trial, the victim's lawyer released copies of text messages from one of Garrett Osbon's guards, in which he bragged about what he had done. After Seth Fletcher was taken to the Ohio State Medical Center, the man wrote:

& # 34; The dude whose nose I broke is lying paralyzed with a broken neck. They say his face looks like he was dropped and dragged across the concrete. It's nice to know that I took part in the paralysis & # 34; cho & # 34; (in prison slang & # 34; cho & # 34; or & # 34; cho mo & # 34; means child molester).

Seth Fletcher was sentenced to 2 years in Fulton County for distributing intimate material to minors. The lawyers who defended him in court said the crime was related to a video made by 18-year-old Fletcher by mutual consent of his girlfriend, who was several years younger than him. On April 15, 2020, Seth filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against several dozen guards and nurses at an Ohio prison.

A year after Fletcher's injury, three people were fired and two more involved in the case were suspended from work for one day. In addition, six employees voluntarily resigned and one lieutenant retired for health reasons. Now, the 21-year-old man, confined to a wheelchair, will receive compensation from the state in the amount of $ 17.5 million. According to his mother, April Jacobsen, the money is needed to rebuild the house to be wheelchair-accessible and to care for his son for the rest of his days.

Halloween kids handed out candy with needles

 Man injured by security guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news you may have missed

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On a Halloween candy hike in Fostoria, Ohio, the children received candy with sewing needles inside. This was reported by the city police. The needles were found in at least two candies, police said. Law enforcers immediately warned parents and urged them to test the sweets before allowing children to eat them.

& # 34; We are shocked that someone could be crazy enough to harm children, & # 34; – said Chief of Police Keith Loreno.

At the Fostoria police and the city hospital, parents were urged to take all reasonable steps to keep the children safe and decide what to do with the candy they received. The police also asked anyone with any knowledge of those involved in the distribution of sweets with dangerous fillings to contact them.

Almost a ton of drugs were intercepted in New York

 Man injured by security guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news you might have missed

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On Tuesday, November 2, the New York State Drug Enforcement Administration said law enforcement agencies had seized about a ton of cocaine that had arrived in the city, presumably from Puerto Rico. According to Special Representative Ray Donovan, the operation was carried out against the background of a 150% increase in intercepted shipments in the region in 2021.

& # 34; The seizure of this batch signals a shift in the fight against illegal traffic drugs in New York, & # 34; – he said.

The police intercepted 920 kg of cocaine, which, depending on local prices, could be sold for between $ 37 and 370 million. Three Hispanic men have already been arrested in the case. They were charged with conspiracy to sell and distribute drugs. Packages of cocaine were found inside metal lawn rollers in a rented van. One of the detainees arrived on it from a cargo dock in New Jersey. According to the documents, the ice rinks were sent from Puerto Rico to the Bronx.

In the US, children from COVID-19 will be vaccinated from the age of 5

 The man injured by the guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news you may have missed

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The United States has approved the Pfizer vaccination of children aged 5 to 11. Vaccinations in this category of the population will begin as early as next week. According to US President Joe Biden, the government has ensured enough vaccine for young Americans and has begun distributing children's doses to thousands of communities across the country.

& # 34; The Pfizer vaccine is effective and safe. This is the best way to protect children from coronavirus, including the Delta strain, & # 34; – he said.

The man got a tattoo on his face with the Rolls-Royce logo

 Man injured by security guards will receive $ 17.5 million and 4 more news you may have missed

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29-year-old Florida resident tattooed his car logo on his cheek Rolls-Royce. According to Khent Amentiu, he first saw this car at the age of 7, when his father viewed her photo on the Internet. The young man noted that he had several used cars, but he had never owned a Rolls-Royce yet.

Amentiu got a tattoo back in January, for which he was immediately criticized on social networks. In response, Khynt urged the haters to calm down, since it is only about what he likes and does not offend other people in any way. In addition to the tattoo with the Rolls-Royce logo, the guy's face is adorned with several more drawings, one of which refers to his Egyptian roots.