Man shot dead in Saint-Georges de Beauce: misunderstanding among relatives

  • Photo Steve Poulin, QMI Agency
    The SQ has shot and killed the young man on Thursday evening.

    Dominique Lelièvre

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 00:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 00:00

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    In the aftermath of the death of Guillaume Bolduc, shot by a police officer of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) Saint-Georges de Beauce, Thursday, misunderstanding reigned among his family and his colleagues, who explained poorly how he was able to get in a situation as perilous.

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    “This was not someone with a problem, I don’t know what happened. We wait like everyone else to have an explanation “, told the Newspaper the victim’s mother, Sylvie Grenier. It does not explain what has happened to his son, “a guy who was no trouble to anyone,” he said.

    Guillaume Bolduc found himself in the middle of the public road near a gas station in boulevard Lacroix, Thursday to 19 h, and he seemed to be in crisis, have reported several of the witnesses.

    Photo Dominique Lelièvre

    The incident began near the service station Canadian Tire du boulevard Lacroix, where Bolduc is a regular customer. There would have purchased cigarettes without disturbing the order.

    And then, he would have panicked at the intervention of police officers from the SQ, which would have accidentally activated their lights according to the Bureau of independent investigations (EIB) in charge of the investigation. Bolduc has injured a police officer with a knife, who responded by using his service weapon.

    Psychological distress ?

    A psychological disorder could explain this behavior ? The mother of the individual hardly believe it. “This is someone who was in perfect health. I tell you, a little guy working, cheerful, enjoying life and nature, ” said Ms. Grenier, adding that she hoped to have answers quickly.

    “It was a person who had great inner suffering and need help “, however, has recognized Nicole Jacques, director general of Moisson Beauce, where Bolduc would have by now used the services of food assistance.

    Photo Dominique Lelièvre

    Guillaume Bolduc worked for about 10 years at the bar-restaurant of the Grand Hotel of Saint-Georges.

    A good employee

    The consternation was as great on the former place of work. “It is the total incomprehension, it is unimaginable. When I was told that someone had died, never in life I could not have imagined that it was this guy, ” sorry Daniel Fortin, the director of the Grand Hotel of Saint-Georges where Guillaume Bolduc worked for about 10 years.

    The boss is hardly consolable, as well as several of its employees. On the same day of his death, Bolduc had completed his shift without nothing to leave to seem suspicious, ” said Mr. Fortin. “He spoke to me from his vacation that started the next week. He was anxious, he told me that he would go to camp “, ” he says, speaking with a nice man who showed no sign of aggression.

    Bolduc, who still lived in the family home of Saint-Martin-de-Beauce, had already faced the justice for minor offences in the past. In 2014, he had been convicted of impaired driving on two occasions, in addition to being arrested for drug possession.

    The EIB has given eight of its investigators with the task of making the light on this drama. They met their first witnesses yesterday. At the end of this work, a report will be submitted to the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions, who will decide whether to bring charges against the police officers involved.

    — With the collaboration of Pierre-Paul Biron

    Violence to Saint-Georges – The mayor is concerned

    Jean-François Racine, The Journal de Québec

    The mayor of Saint-Georges de Beauce is concerned by a series of violent incidents in its region even if it can’t establish links between them.

    Mental health problems more many or of drug consumption increase, Claude Morin says it is unable to provide a precise explanation.

    Since 2014, Saint-Georges has had a few major crimes that start to worry about a part of the population.

    “These are all different cases, but it is sure that it is talking about. I discussed it with my friends and family to see if there are things to correct, ” says the mayor Morin.

    Mental health

    November 7, 2014, Jean-François Roy has killed the taxi driver Hyginus Veilleux, a murder for which he was sentenced to life in prison last June. The thesis of non-criminally responsible on account of mental disorder has been rejected, but the defense tried to say that the accused was ” disconnected “.

    On march 20, 2017, a 52 year old man is dead in front of his wife after he was snapped up on the 127th Street by a hit and fled. The accused, Michel Bélanger-Morin, have mental health problems, according to what was told to her father in the Newspaper.

    Last month, a man was also dark on two occasions with a stolen car in the restaurant Burger King causing a major fire. The fugitive has not been found.

    The firefighter Anthony Cliche, who escaped more than once from the hospital of Saint-Georges, adds to this list get longer and longer with the violent death of Guillaume Bolduc Thursday evening.

    Difficult times

    Without playing the ostrich, the mayor knows that the drugs are circulating a lot.

    “We are aware that there are a lot of drugs in Saint-Georges. We do raids regularly, but not perhaps more than elsewhere, ” he adds.

    In an environment where many people know each other, Claude Morin thinks of the difficult work of the police officer wounded by a knife. It is unclear whether the latter will be able to return to work quickly, but this intervention would probably haunt him for a long time.

    “All of my positive thoughts go out to him. It must be hard. “

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