Manager Lisa Maria Presley had spent all of her father’s fortune Elvis

Менеджер Лизы Марии Пресли растратил все состояние ее отца Элвиса

Only daughter of Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla Beaulieu, Lisa Maria — a few years ago inherited his father’s fortune in $ 1 million. But, as it became known from the latest news, this money was only $ 14,000. And the reason that — now former Manager Lisa Barry Siegel.

The truth about the wasted condition of Elvis Presley became famous because of a lawsuit that Lisa Marie Presley filed recently in the superior court of Los Angeles. According to her documents, for almost ten years — from 2005 to 2015, up to and including termination of Siegel’s — parts of it are wasting her father’s money. Of the Finance disappeared due to bad investments, the Manager in the later bankrupt projects — including the development of the famous show American Idol. Another part of the money Siegel simply took it: Lisa Maria, despite financial difficulties, he annually paid a salary of 700 thousand dollars, and its assured that they are fine.

Interestingly, Barry Siegel already answered Lisa Maria retaliatory lawsuit: former Manager of the singer is sure that she “squandered” all of the state because of its “uncontrollable bouts of profligacy,” and requires him to pay 800 thousand dollars in damages.

The outcome of this battle lawsuits, time will tell. Monday saw the first hearing in the case. Meanwhile, in the news and then there are the reports that the old ring Elvis Presley or his private jet put up for auction. Blame the Manager or not, but as in any case already gone.

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