Manas from China: in Kyrgyzstan for the first time put a Chinese version of Opera



Kyrgyzstan first introduced a Chinese version of the Opera in the famous epic “Manas”. Estimated statement to the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zhaynagul Raimkulova.

The audience in the theatre were met by the knights of the XV century, warriors in ancient armour. Chinese actors, meanwhile, was done to prepare for the performance. The leading soloist of the Central theater of Opera and ballet of China Hun Me got the role of a beauty “Kanykei” — wife of Manas.

“I am very proud that I had the honor to play this role. The epic “Manas” is not far for me, for the Chinese people. So I was hooked quickly. I was struck by the courage of my heroine. I try to give everything to the audience,” shared Mae Hong.

Costumes, weapons, armor – like real. In order to thoroughly reconstruct the era, production took about two years. Artists, costume designers and Directors lived in the Kyrgyz Autonomous region in China and studied the traditions of the people. They also found a choreographer for Opera.

“Constantly questioned the history of the epic “Manas”, the contents of strings. Interested in national cuisine. Attracted musicians who play wind ethnic instruments”, – said the dancer Mamet of Orozo Asylbek Uluu.

The music for the Opera was written by a Chinese composer using the elements of the Kyrgyz motifs. Worked hard and technical service. To work on someone else’s stage was not easy.

“Within two months it was decided the technical features. There was a small difficulty with the size of the site, fences and different standards of electrical equipment. But with the help of local experts managed to solve everything in a short time,” said technical Director, and stage design Liu Yingze.

All 200 members of the troupe were in Kyrgyzstan for the first time. But to walk around the capital, they did not have time because of busy schedules.

“After Kyrgyzstan will go on tour around the world. That is, you know, for Kyrgyzstan it is a great pride that China puts Opera “Manas” and it fully reflects the history and traditions. Everything in the epic “Manas” they reflected in the Opera”, – said the Minister of culture, information and tourism of Kyrgyzstan Azamat Zhamankulov.

The arrival of artists from China was timed to the forthcoming meeting of the SCO. Last year during the state visit to China, the President of Kyrgyzstan Jeenbekov Sooronbai saw this production and was so impressed that she invited the artists in Kyrgyzstan.

Note, Opera Manas could see anyone. Show it to viewers for free.