Manbij: US gone, Russia are coming to replace them (Heise)

Манбидж: США уходят, Россия приходит им на смену (Heise)

The changing of the guard in Manbij happened quickly. As soon as the last US troops liberated the place, a column of military vehicles under the Russian flags entered the center Manuja. It was officially declared that the Syrian government forces “took full control of the town and the surrounding villages.” This is a quote from the message of the Russian Ministry of defense.The Syrian news Agency Sana also confirmed this communiqué, adding, however, with a hairpin in the SDS address*. So the Agency reports that the local population gathered in the city center to greet the Syrian army, but armed members of SDS broke up the crowd shots. Intentionally or not, but the pin in the message were directed against Erdogan, as it is meant: Kurdish “terrorists” remain in Manbij, they are even armed, but the Turkish army is not there.The fact that Russian forces are now in Manbij, changes the situation for the implementation of the plans of Erdogan. Ordered the capture of the city, he would risk that at least one Russian soldier may suffer. And it fears that even the Turkish President, who actually do not stand on ceremony when it comes to the implementation of its plans. Us-Turkish security mechanism in the North of Syria didn’t work, while the Syrian-Russian for four years is successful from a military point of view.”We will not allow the confrontation between the Turkish and the Syrian military,” said Alexander Lavrentyev, the special representative of the President of Russia in Syria.Erdogan: “the Offensive will continue until all goals are achieved,”says the Associated Press, at the moment, Erdogan shows no concern and continues to insist on the continuation of the offensive until “until all objectives are achieved”. Taking Manuja was one of such purposes, but should not be a glove, throw Putin. It is noteworthy that the Director of public relations when Turkish President Altun said again, about what purpose it is.According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Fahrettin Altun (Fahrettin Altun) said that the operation “the Source of peace” will continue, “until the Turkish Republic is not convinced that the safety of its citizens secured and what has been achieved so far is satisfactory”. This opens up space for diplomacy. However, Altun also said that during the operation, all “terrorists” are you referring to the militants of the “people’s protection Units” (YPG) — has to be “removed”. And this is like a moot point.Benefits for Damascus, However, acquired through Erdogan’s control over Mobicam must configure the Syrian and Russian governments positively. The city is located on one of the two highways, namely the M4, which was discussed in the Russian-Turkish agreements reached in Sochi.One of the main requirements of the agreement between Turkey and Russia, signed in Sochi in September of this year, is that the highway M4 and M5, should be placed under the control of the Syrian government. Having conquered Manbij, Syrian government has taken control of one of the most important transportation links (including Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor).This is a great interim victory of Damascus, as a result of Turkish military operations that can benefit Turkey in the next negotiations in Astana. Some observers even speak about some great “plan”, which was carried out by a Turkish attack, as a result of US leaving Syria.Turkish attack gives the government in Damascus many advantages, though it is the Syrian rebels who are its enemies. These militants influential media in Germany, France, great Britain and the United States called the opposition and the insurgents, sympathize with them and support them. Even Idlib, where the Affairs of the uniquely seasoned jihadist groups, polls professing the ideology of al-Qaeda (organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the media often speak as about “rebel region”.The fact that Manbij is now in the hands of the Syrian and the Russian military also means that there’s no longer a Turkish zone with the Islamist gangs, stretching from Afrin in the far East of Syria. Turkish “buffer zone” had the plans of Erdogan to occupy space from Afrin and to the Syrian-Iraqi border. The order was to follow the opposition fighters, which Turkey has taken under its banner, calling them high-sounding euphemism “national Syrian army”, generously paying for and thus playing to the Islamists.The years, Turkey tried in vain to get US to help her take Manbij under control. But after the city entered the Russian and Syrian troops, these plans came to an end.The reason for this lies in the arrangements between the SDS and the Syrian government reached with the mediation of Russia. Gaining control over Mobicam — the first sign that now the Syrian government due to operation reasons to make significant progress in the return of the country under its control.Agreed SDS and the Syrian government?If it is true that the learned Syrian reporter Danny McKee (Danny Makki) was not sympathetic to the Assad government, but at the same time possessing certain constraints, the SDS should be disbanded and subordinated to the Russian military command.According to him, Manbij and Coban should be quickly brought under the control of the Syrian army, Syrian troops are also moving in the direction of al-Hasaka and al-Qamishli. “All border areas and administrative centres coming under the control of the Syrian government”.This was expected, but the surprise was another point. According to him, the Kurds in the new Syrian Constitution promised all the rights and “autonomy”, which the leadership of the Kurds and the Syrian government has yet to agree.In paragraph 3 refers to the coordinated actions of the Syrian and Kurdish troops to end the Turkish presence in Northern Syria. Idlib, supposedly, does not belong here.If the information source is not disclosed — it is confirmed, then military clashes in Northern Syria with the participation of Turkey should soon stop. At the beginning of 2018, the year when Turkey conducted an operation “Olive branch”, Erdogan said the Protocol he was satisfied with the security of the border with Turkey, the Syrian government forces. “The main thing that there was not the YPG”. Is it important today?In the middle East, promises, and situations change quickly as was evident in Manbij. View, you will refuse Erdogan quickly from their plans. And what about resettlement of Syrian refugees, which Erdogan plans to undertake in Northern Syria?The issue of autonomy for the Kurds in the North of Syria to the Russian leadership — if this information is correct — will have to work on de-escalation against Turkey. Regarding Syria and its role as a new intermediary instance in the middle East, the welcome given to Putin in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, demonstrates new signs of the times — these countries tried to outdo each other in displays of hospitality. Does this mean that in the near future in the ambassadorial mansions of Damascus will drive new people?

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