Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

Ederson is expected to be offered a new three-year contract extension following a string of exceptional performances last season, which saw him retain the Premier League Gold Glove after posting 19 clean sheets in the league. Your current contract does not expire until summer 2025 But City want to extend it for another three years, which will keep the Brazilian cap tied to the club until 2028.

Regardless of the fact that its existing deal with the Ciudadanos expires in four years, the club is keen to extend the Brazilians’ contract in recognition of their strong demonstrations that have laid the foundation for the prosperity of the team under Pep Guardiola.

Ederson is without a doubt one of the best shooting plugs in the world, and when it comes time for the Brazilian to hang up his boots, he will be one of the best to don the sky blue outfit. But that day seems to be a long way off, and since we started talking about the best of Manchester City, we cannot leave it hanging.

In that case, here are the top 10 players to have graced the Manchester City soccer field.

If there is one player that all fans are waiting for to make this list, it is Sergio Agüero. We cannot talk about the domination of The Citizens for a decade without mentioning the Argentine forward and it is understandable.

Agüeroooooo’s goal against QPR to give Man City a last-minute 2012 Premier League title is the most representative of the Argentines. A stone cold killer will retreat scoring goals. Instinctive headers, volleys, long-range rockets, slaloms, tap-ins, left foot, right foot, he’s got it all.

You can find the network from seemingly impossible angles, think faster than others, and create goals seemingly out of nowhere. It’s no wonder why Pep Guardiola was crying as City paid tribute to their number 10 after having scored the last two of their 184 Premier League goals.

A Manchester City legend He will keep scoring wherever he goes, the next place will be Barcelona.

David Silva, the magician, the orchestrator, is another player who played a key role in City’s dominant decade. There have been few or no players smarter than him. He was the essence of the City system.

David Silva went on to exemplify the ‘take the ball, pass the ball’ mentality, of which he was both the architect and the heartbeat of City. Despite his lack of strong or fast legs, he was always able to outwit his opponents by thinking ahead of them.

A master of triangulation and time and space, he effortlessly passed the ball with intimidating speed of execution and precision. If he detected a breach, he would take advantage of it. If there were none, it would create it. He saw the game differently, but made it look easy.

The city legend’s career is filled with priceless moments that will live in the memory of Sky Blues fans for a long time.


You are not known as “The King” simply because you are decent. Colin Bell was undoubtedly City’s best player during his golden stretch in the 1960s and 1970s. The legendary midfielder made 500 appearances for the Sky Blues and scored 155 goals.

In his active years as a professional footballer, he became a cultural icon. His sensational displays won him admirers from both the England national team and the Sky Blues.

In 2005, he was inducted into the English Soccer Hall of Fame. Many players and coaches around the world admired Bell, and many people who competed with him and against him believed that he could make any team on the planet.


Before the rise of Sergio Agüero, Manchester City’s best goal scorer was Eric Brook, who participated in The Citizens between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II.

Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

(Courtesy: Man City / Website)

The Englishman scored 177 goals in 494 appearances for the club, propelling them to a league crown and FA Cup as he cemented his place in the Sky Blues history books.

Brook, who was known for his fierce shooting power and strong build, was too powerful and formidable for the opposition.


Bert Trautmann, a former prisoner of war who was recently released from a camp in Lancashire‘He overcame the fanaticism and hostility of Citizens supporters with his remarkable skills in stopping shots.

Trautmann had become a popular figure in the Sky Blue clan when he made his 545th appearance at the club. After watching one of the toughest and most dangerous feats in soccer history, fans no longer compared his ethnicity to German.

He will be fondly remembered by City fans for heroically handling the 17-minute goal with a broken neck in the 1956 FA Cup final win over Birmingham City. He made several incredible saves in those few minutes, as he did during his 15 years at Manchester. Agility and reflexes, Trautman defined these terms.


Vincent Kompany is one of the first people that comes to mind when we think of the greatest Manchester City players of all time. Kompany captained Manchester City to four Premier League crowns and took great pride in doing so. He was the backbone, the base of The Citizen’s defensive line since he came to the Etihad.

Kompany was at Manchester City for 11 years, but his most memorable moment came in his farewell season. Manchester City’s 2018/19 campaign will be remembered for one thing: their miraculous goal against Leicester in the penultimate match of the campaign.

With City struggling to produce a goal in a must-see match against Leicester, Kompany unleashed one of the biggest goals in Premier League history in what would be his penultimate match at the Etihad Stadium. He hit the ball into the top corner from 30 yards, defeating Schmeichel and clinching a critical 1-0 victory that would see City win the league the following weekend.

It’s fair to say, he’s one of the best defenders of the modern era, as well as one of Manchester City’s best players.


Mike Summerbee was another mainstay in the great City teams of the 1960s and 1970s, winning the top flight, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the European Cup during his tenure at Manchester City.

Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

Manchester City’s top 10 players of all time

(Courtesy: Man City / Website)

With over 450 appearances for the club in a wonderful decade for the Englishman and the Citizens, the club and the player were a match made in heaven.

Summerbee, loved by fans and teammates alike, became a legend in the late 1960s when he and the club won four major championships in three seasons.

Yaya Touré was crucial to Manchester City’s dominance after the Arab owners took over the Etihad Stadium. He played most of his career as a box-to-box midfielder for clubs and countries, where he was widely regarded as one of the best players at his position.

A player built for big occasions, Yaya Touré was always standing there with a rope whenever The Citizens found themselves in a hole. During his first season in England, he etched his name in City’s history books by scoring in the 2011 FA Cup semi-finals and finals, helping the club break a 35-year title drought.

A year later, Touré’s double against Newcastle United, a beautiful double hit and a thunderous blow to the roof of the goal, earned him a decisive 2-0 victory on the final matchday of the Premier League.

As a result, Citizens and Touré won their first Premier League title. They doubled their account a season later, thanks to Touré’s prowling form from the center of the park, which resulted in 20 goals and numerous wonderful performances.


Francis Lee was another prominent member of the city’s dominant era in the 1960s and 1970s. The English Lee was a record £ 60,000 acquisition from Bolton Wanderers in 1967, and it definitely proved value for money, despite which reached a high value at that time.

The winger, a superb scorer, was the engine of Citizen’s golden age. He is one of the club’s most prolific scorers, with 148 goals in 330 appearances. After a successful stint at City, the Englishman moved to Derby County in 1974.

Kevin De Bruyne, an artistic talent who thrived in the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg after being turned down by Chelsea, returned to the English game in 2015 and joined Manchester City in a record £ 55 million move. And since then, the Belgian international has established himself as possibly the best midfielder in the world.

Metronome and creator all in one, when others struggle or fall apart, he imposes his personality. He demands the ball and draws all eyes and attention to himself. De Bruyne makes connections with his teammates while breaking down rivals. Not only does he dominate the ball; dominate the game.

As a cornerstone of City’s incredible side in the past six seasons, the Belgian has established himself as one of the greatest playmakers in Premier League history, providing assists at an unprecedented rate.