Mandate to strike of the engineers and scientists of MDA

Mandat de grève des ingénieurs et scientifiques de MDA

SAINTE-ANNE-DE-BELLEVUE | The engineers and scientists of MDA have voted for a strike mandate to denounce the “practices of arbitrary and abusive” of the company.

“Faced with the refusal of the employer to cease its practice of arbitrary and abusive, engineers and scientists quebecers of MDA, a leader in radar and communication systems, space, have voted for a strike mandate of 87%”, said Saturday the Association of professional engineers and scientists of space systems (AISSS), by issuing a press release.

The independent trade union complains that the employer’s refusal to address the issues of job insecurity and loss of expertise, while limiting itself to propose “cosmetic changes and superficial to the collective agreement.”

“MDA refuses to take into account the expertise and specialisation developed over time, seniority or dedication of its employees when workforce reductions are necessary,” said the Association.

These employer practices lead to a loss of expertise and quality for the entire aerospace sector, canada, according to the union, which condemns the layoffs were “arbitrary”.

“We call on MDA to put an end to its arbitrary practices and abuses that have lasted for several years. We want to negotiate with the employer, but it is necessary that it agrees to discuss job security,” said Alexandre Grenier, negotiator of the AISSS.

The action desired from the employer to the employment agencies is not seen with a good eye by the engineers who see it as a willingness to casualize further specializations within the company.

Without work convention from April 2019, the engineers and scientists quebec MDA contributed to the success of canadians in space, including RADARSAT, the canadian arm, or the international space Station, recalled the AISSS.

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