Mandatory inspection auto: new changes and what you need to know the drivers

Control system car updated may 1, 2019.

Обов&#039язковий техогляд авто: нові зміни і що потрібно знати водіям

From may 1, 2019 paper record form will be given to subjects of inspection complete with self adhesive label RFID. About it reports a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs, informs Rus.Media.

According to paragraph 30.2 of the Rules of the road, the vehicle owner shall affix the signature at the top right of the windscreen, with its inner side.

MIA I hope that the innovation will reduce the risk of falsification of protocols on the inspection of the car. Also, regulatory authorities will easily check allowed certain vehicle to participate in road traffic, explained in the interior Ministry.

Information with a self-adhesive RFID tags will soon be possible to read from a distance with the help of special technical equipment.

It is also reported that if the owner of the car, which is subject to mandatory technical control, received the form of inspection until the entry into force of PKA of January 23, 2019 No. 46, he will be able to use the document of the old sample prior to the expiry of its validity.

Ukraine abolished mandatory technical inspection of vehicles in July 2011. However, respectively, 40 and 45 EU directives, our country is obliged to return a mandatory until 2022.